Required Function

  • must be able to organize plans to make more effective
  • must be able to plan a scheduled for at least 10 employees
  • must be able to implement plans so they work effectively
  • must also be able to control by evaluating results to make sure plans are effective
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Preferred management theory

The business theory is quality because we believe that if everyone works together we can get more done and improve on our skills.
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  1. communicators are important to this work force because communication is the key to getting things done on time
  2. relationship builder are important because they represent the organization and martian effective relationship with other
  3. decision makers are needed to consistently looking for new opportunities and areas for improvement
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The 3 management principles

  • Responsibility for developing and implement plan
  • Identify resource organization needed
  • Recognize impenitence of employees
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Information of the 5 resources

  • people being able to watch over more than one person
  • money- knowing how to budget and use it for things that are needed
  • facilities- different rooms such as a kitchen,office and bathroom
  • equipment- having toys and putting them where they belong like the playground things making sure its outside
  • materials - such as paper,pens,crayons and markers
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