World Wide Hunger

By: Brian Jackson

The Issue Of World Wide Hunger

The Issue with this is that Africa is one of the the Hunger Less nations. There are kids starving they have no food we strive to make donations a make facility to give them food and water. If the United states works together we can end World Hunger.

What does Hunger affect?

It affects the way our world works that if the whole world works together to end this. There will be no more kids Hungry & Homeless etc. So if we make a stand to end this crisis we need to be able to work together

Where Should our memorial be placed?

We should place a memorial up in our school and where frequent people hangout so they can. See and make a stand against world hunger and etc. You can make a stand a stop world hunger you can make a difference. There is a Memorial in Ireland to remember the day of Great Depression for hunger

We can end this!

My goal for this is to end World Hunger. And not let this spread through out the World. If we make a stand now then we can stop it.