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New Staff Onboarding and Resources

Welcome to TXESP!

I have created this site to help you with common issues and changes that arise as we get this new school off the ground. Please bookmark and check back frequently as I will be adding in FAQs, updates, etc. I always welcome emails and calls, but check here first to see if I have updated the information.

Thank you for being an important part of the team!


Missing OIT/HCDE email? Contact Donna Haack dhaack@k12.com

No Computer? Wait 2-3 days (From Start) then contact Lorrarine Nobes lnobes@k12.com

Have computer but cannot get into Skype for Business? Attend a help desk this week. We will help!

Office 365? Come to help desk and I will help you navigate it.

Having trouble getting Outlook on your phone?

Try this instead of the directions:

Leave the domain blank and put your email in the username section

Thank you, Kelly K. for this!

Google Voice Update

Google Voice has a new platform and has changed a lot of the settings. Here's what I found out:

After setting up a gmail account, go to voice.google.com on the computer. If on an iPhone, get the Google Voice app and go from there.

To get to the settings on the pdf you sent, you have to go to voice.google.com, where you should now have an account and a phone number, (on the computer) and click on the 3 bars on the top of the left hand side of the screen, and click on Legacy Google Voice. This takes you to the old platform. There, you can click on Settings from the wheel on the right hand side of the screen and see most of the things shared on the pdf. On the iphone, click on the app, click on the 3 bars on the top left, then click settings.

A few things I found that are different:

You can't set a PIN

There's no option for caller ID (outgoing)

There's no options for widgets

The layout looks quite a bit different from the pdf

Thank you Brooke B. for the update!

K12 Training

Day 2, Unit 2 You will need a copy of the school AEF Plan.

Directions on How to Update Your Profile

(If you put in a personal email instead of k12.com email address).

You do not have to print out K12 training projects or guides. Feel free to save documents for future reference (I recommend you save that in your OneDrive). What is OneDrive? Come to the help desk and I will help you get set up!

iExpense, Staples Reimbursement Policy Information

Christy Brewer, Curriculum Coordinator