Panther Post

February 14, 2016

Staff Meeting - Referendum Update

At next Wednesday's staff meeting, Mrs. Roncoroni will address the staff with an update on the district's referendum. We will all meet together in the media center for the presentation. There will be a time for questions after her presentation. Please be prompt so she can begin at 3:15. If you have any questions on this, feel free to see me.

Student Behavior Issues

On behalf of Mr. Osifchin and I, thank you for the recent support as we try to eliminate some of the recent issues we have been having...mainly the vandalism in the bathrooms. Remain diligent with the students and if we continue to work together we will get to the bottom of these incidents.

Media Center

As many of you already know, Emma Moustakas has joined our staff. She will mostly be working up in the 5th grade serving as in-class assistance. However, she will also be stationed in the media center everyday from 11:40-12:10 and 12:40-2:00! She is assisting in getting our media center put back together! She will be re-stacking books, doing inventory, checking books out for students and few other organizational activities. She is also willing to help out staff who would like things laminated. Please place items you would laminated on the desk by the computer in the library so Emma sees them. Also be mindful of the amount of laminating as she is only in the media center a brief time each day.


Below is a quick 1 minute survey to gauge staff interest in "rekindling Campfire". For those of you new to the middle school, Campfire is time for staff and I to sit and chat about the school in a positive, laid-back environment. They also last between 45 mins and an hour but feel free to leave at anytime if you have other places to be!

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 2/12 - Science Collaboration
  • 2/15 - Off for President's Day
  • 2/16 - SGO revisions due (if necessary)
  • 2/17 - Staff Meeting
  • 2/18 - Public Referendum Meeting at the middle school (7:00pm)