We Who Know to Much

The Modern World

The "Media" and Media Literacy

The “Media” is an endless amount of links, connections, and websites that makes it possible for people around the world to get in contact with their friends and family, and it is also a tool that allows anyone to know almost anything about you at any time. To be media literate means that you are able to monitor yourself and others while using the appropriate means of social media. This could be something as little as reading a Facebook post that your mother puts on your “wall,” or it could be something as serious as a boss reading that slam page you posted about how much you hate your job. To which he says, “don’t worry you won’t have it for much longer there Jim.” Media literacy could also be something like a business looking into what you googled the day before, so that they could advertise a new Ford F-150 for a working man, or a new computer for a starting business. Being literate of media can even be something as simple as friends texting one another. The problem there being that we cannot sense sarcasm through text messages which will start fights and arguments among many different groups, couples, moms and dads, and even brothers and sisters. Therefore, media literacy is something that it takes much time to acquire if you can ever even get to the point that you understand that part of media literacy is monitoring yourself in hopes to save yourself from some potential problems.

A Hero's Welcome

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII -- "A Hero's Welcome: Full Story"

Loving Welcome With a Beer

Budweiser in the commercial, “A Hero’s Welcome” (2/2/2014), asserts that all returning soldiers, and or heroes, should be greeted lovingly and in response to what they have done for their country, in this case defend the country’s freedom. “Bud” displays the “hero’s welcome” by showing an entire towns’ reaction to his, the soldiers, homecoming, for example the throwing of a parade and the town surrounding, cheering, and chanting for the young “hero’s” return. “Bud’s” purpose with this advertisement was to show that their product could be used to aid the quality of the celebrations for returning “heroes,” so that we could better enjoy ourselves with a cool refreshing beverage. Budweiser demonstrates this in a formal, loving tone for, in this case, small town, soldier supporting, and loving military families, who are of drinking age.
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News Article: Student Cheating Scandal

Jamie Farly II, Educational Reporter

January 22, 2014

Forsyth County Schools was conducting an internal investigation, from the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, of their CRCT, EOCT, and finals testing. They, school officials, discovered that many teachers had been giving their students the answers to the end of the year assessments which are used to help fund schools, and determine a teacher’s credibility. When we asked Mr. Fludodgermick he said, “We had no choice, but to tell our students the answers because they are stupid.” Moving from the principle said that they would never give students the answers, instead they are going to try a new tactic, actually having faith in their students and allowing them to sink or swim on their own opposed to caring all of them on the teachers back.

Democratic Russia

In the early nineteen hundreds the Russian people overthrew their tyrannical government system ruled by the Czars. In its place there was a political figure named Vladimir Lenin who was a strict capitalist and democrat. Thanks to the new ruler’s laws America and Russia are able to trade constantly and aid one another. The two nations worked together through the industrial ages to the modern era. When the Germans tried to expand their borders and exterminate groups of people the Russian soldiers, who were trained by experienced American fighters, were able to aid the allies of World War II greatly and stop the German advancement in only two years after the invasion of Poland. In the following years when the fear of communism and fascism were so great the American and Russian people were able to keep their “cool,” and continue to work economically together opposed to a sever slow down and constant fear of military action. Within the next few years Cuba, who looked solely to Russia for support, was able to drop their Communist government and become a grand democracy and work closely with the United States and Russia. Cuba opened many resorts for American and Russian tourists. This made Cuba a thriving tropical island replete with a tourist based economy very similar to Hawaii. When America entered a conflict to support democracy, for example the Korean War and Vietnam War, Russia was always there to support the democratic front as well. The Russian and American relationship lasts even to this day due to the economic, military, and agricultural aid we give one another.

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We rewrote this because the Russians and Americans in the governmental systems made an agreement to make it look like we are allies so that the people will stop worrying about nuclear war.

1984 "My Overview"

In George Orwell’s novel 1984 the world is in a state of government induced peril. The ending of the book was saddening. I hate that Julia and Winston betrayed each other although I guess that is the government’s statement to its power that they can separate something that is believed to be “pure and wholesome.” I truly did enjoy the book. The abstractness of it all, but at the same time the parallels to the current day society are interesting to see. This is a great criticism of current day governments. This is due to the government’s invasion of privacy. If I was the author of 1984 I would have changed the ending of the book so that Winston and Julia could have had feelings for one another to show that, even though the government tortured them and tried to kill them, the average person is full of strength even to fight an entire body of people. The most important message I took from the book would be that we as a people need to monitor our government and make sure that we keep our inalienable right to over throw the shackles of a tyrannical governmental system just like we did during the American Revolution.

Class Overview

Throughout the past eighteen weeks of this media literacy class we have learned many different things. Things like we are connected more so now than ever before, so connected that a journalist in Somalia could put out a “tweet” and a million people could know what is happening within a minute. We also learned that people have different means of portraying their thoughts. They can do this through advertising or being satirical. We also learned that we are not as private as we think we are. The government that has access has a computerized memory of what I just deleted in this line of text. We also learned that our modern day society is like a dystopia that is moving closer and closer to the point of no return, and that WE need to be monitoring the government and keep them in line. More than that we need to remember our rights to over through a tyrannical government just like the Founding Fathers of this country. All of this knowledge will travel with me and keep me more on my guard and with a more vigilant eye. This class was different from other language arts class in many different regards. First of all the size of this particular class was amazingly small. Second we spent a lot of time on the computer, but that is to be expected when the majority of media is online. Also, we learned things in a different way by actually looking at them opposed to being fed the information. We were the witnesses of the information. In the future I would recommend a little less time spent in a lab, and I mean like whole periods should be divided because the majority of people, myself heavily included, stop really working after thirty minutes, this extra time could continue to make your students Those Who Know To Much.