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Week of May 2

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Item #1 - State Testing Update: We made it! Thank you for three pretty smooth test weeks. John B will work on the make-ups this week as the official State Testing window closes on Friday. Be on the lookout for a team email if you have students who still need to finish a Math or Science test (ALL ELA are complete).

Also, a special thank you to Cheryl and the kitchen staff, Tony, Bryan, Mark, and all the lunch duty saints who helped take care of those six dreaded 10 am lunches with all 5 8th grade teams. It was an adventure!

Item # 2 - Morning Computer Support

Please sign up on the linked Google Doc prior to your team's day.

Morning Support - Room 236 for anyone who wants to come

OTM - Room 132 - 8th grade during 1st period

OTM - Room 247 - 7th grade during 7th period

Item #3 - Retirement from Summit

Katie Geiger, our kindergarten teacher and Responsive Classroom trainer, is retiring this year. Several staff around the district have asked about a retirement celebration, since she has worked with, and impacted so many teachers in our district. Can you please share this with your staff? Click on the link below, and join us on May 24th from 4-5 pm.

Item #4 - World Language Exams

8th Grade and World Language Teachers. Please review the World Language Exam Schedule. Core teachers, some rooms have been impacted by testing. Please review document and note if you have a room change. Note that it is current in draft form so contact Lizzy with any changes that may need to be made.

Item #5 - Personal Leave

Staff, for the remaining weeks of this school year, if at all possible we are hoping you can avoid requesting discretionary personal leave on Mondays and Fridays. This would include personal appointments (house closings, repair persons, etc) that could be scheduled on another day. I understand that some of these are not at your discretion, but I encourage you to try to find alternate days, rather than a Monday or Friday.

Also if at all possible, please do the same when requesting for discretionary sick leave (elective dr. appointments - not for sickness) on Mondays and Fridays from this point on in the year. I appreciate your understanding of this issue. We know sometimes this is not possible, however your help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Item #6 - Planning Ahead

This week the construction will begin on the first flex wall in Team 8-4. Ali will be relocating her classroom to room 115 and Angela to room 210. If time permits before the end of the year, they will move next to team 8-3 to work on that wall . For any of you who are located in a flex classroom, I wanted to remind all of you that you will need to pack up everything in your room for the summer, except for the cabinet under the TV. You will want to put things in boxes and covered to protect your belongs from the construction dust. Please contact Bryan if you need boxes.

For those of you who are moving classrooms, first thank you for your willingness to do what is best for kids. We want to help you anyway we can. For best results obtaining boxes, check in the bin outside the cafeteria after 11 AM for empties. Kroger's will also save them for you if you call during the evening. Remember to mark your boxes with your new room number for the custodians to be able to relocate your items.

Item #7 - ArtsWave

It is time for the annual opportunity to help our community by giving to the ArtsWave organization. You tax deductible donation provides you with a pass to of 50 arts organizations, plus Cincinnati Reds, and discounts to many restaurants and shops. Brochures have been placed in your mailboxes for you to consider this great organization.

Item # 8 - Celebration Day Awards

It is time for each of you to select a special Nighthawk who most embodies our culture of SOAR. Maybe revisit each area and talk about examples where that student excels (Scholarship - Carol is a great student who always goes above and beyond on her work. On the Civil War project, Carol did a masterful recreation of Robert E. Lee's surrender speech at Appomattox Court House... something like that for each SOAR category). The goal of this event is to recognize a great well rounded middle school student. For those of you who are new to Nagel, each teacher has the opportunity to recognize one student during our Celebration Day Assembly. We need each of you to make your selection by Friday, May 13th so that we do not have any duplication's. If you have any questions, please ask Cheri. AWARD RECIPIENTS

Item #9 - Battelle for Kids - Linkage

You must complete your linkage process by 5/11. Email Lizzy once you have submitted your rosters. Reminder, for any student you add or delete from your roster, please communicate with Lizzy. Feel free to ask Lizzy to attend a team meeting or meet with you individually to help you through this process.

Steps for Completing the Linkage Process

Item #10 - Math Acceleration/OTM

7th Grade core teachers...if you have student you would like to recommend for either Math Acceleration or OTM in the 8th grade. Please list these names in the linked Google Doc. Please complete this by 5/13. *Recommendation doesn't guarantee placement.

Item #11 - AIR Celebration

Thanks to all teachers who promoted positive AIR testing behavior and rewarded students with blue SOAR cards.

Please note the air celebration testing schedule starting 5/9. There will be a designated area for teams during their celebration time, which is the outfield of the softball field. Mr Softee and Snowie trucks will be in the parking lot area where PE lines up for a fire drill.

Students are paying for their treats with their own money. Prices range from $1.75 to $5.00. Snowie is 100% allergen free. Mr. Softee DOES have nuts on their trucks.

Teachers please spread out and be visible during your team celebration!

Item #12 - Honors Dessert

This Wednesday, we will be holding our 17th annual Honors Dessert to recognize our students with a 3.99 or above GPA. We know your evenings are valuable, however, it would mean the world to these students if you are able to take a moment to stop in to recognize their academic achievements. The program begins at 7:00 in the gym, followed by light refreshments in the lobby around 7:45 if you can even stop by then.

Item #13 - Forest Hills 5K

Congrats to all of you as Nagel and Wilson were recognized at the school board meeting last week as the ONLY two schools in the district with 100% participation in registering for the 7th Annual 5K. Your support of this event enables the Foundation to obtain funds that are put right back in the classroom and programs. THANK YOU!

Item #14 - ALICE

ALICE drill still to come. More information coming soon.

Item # 15 - Marvelous May

We know May can be an interesting month, however with each of you taking the time to put forth extra effort focusing on instruction, discipline issues can be held to a minimum. We want you to hold students accountable, reminding them to follow the rules, however, we do not want you to put up with any disrespect and inappropriate behavior. Please be certain to write up any referrals you have and send them to the office. Please do not show any videos unless approved by Lizzy or myself. With all of us keeping our focus strong we can have a a fantastic finish! Thanks!!

Item #16 - Car for Sale

This June our awesome mandarin teacher Helen will be returning to China. Before she leaves she has a car to sell. Please look on the bulletin board for pictures and details. She has owned it for the two years she has been here and has had great success with it.

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline




3 - Regular CAT

4 - Team Leaders Meeting @ 2:30

4 - Advisory Rep Meeting @ 2:30

4 - Honors Dessert @ 7:00

5 - Team 8-1 to Omnimax

9 - AIR Celebration Day

10 - Regular CAT

10 - WEB Spring Play Day Practice

11 - Achievers Meeting @ 2:30

11 - Canons for 8th Grade

12 - 5K Packet Pick Up @ 3:00

12 - 5K Packet Pick Up @ 3:00

13 - WEB Spring Play Day - 7th Grade only (11-2:15)

14 - FHSD 5K


Tech Bytes

2016 Cincinnati GAFE Summit Hosted at Nagel!

Due to its great success, Forest Hills will be hosting another GAFE Summit this coming school year on November 19th and 20th. Enjoy, “Two epic days of Inspiring and Empowering sessions focused on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education (and other digital tools) to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. Participants say it is the best PD they’ve ever had!” Nagel would love to see you there as we serve as host to several hundred educators from around the tri-state area (and some from other various parts of the country). For more information, please review the registration page. Please do not register at this time. We cannot pay for anyone’s registration until next school year’s fiscal year begins! Instead, please fill out the GAFE Summit Interest Form so that we know you would like to go.

EdCamp 513 Hosted by Goshen Middle School

Have you heard about the Edcamp movement? It’s a wonderful unconference movement where education professionals come together to make their own professional development. The best news: it’s FREE! This half day event will end with lunch and great conversation! The Cincinnati area event will take place on June 4 from 8:00-12:00. The first 50 registrants will receive a free Edcamp 513 t-shirt! We would love to have as many attend as possible. Need more information about this revolutionary movement? Check out our website:

Subscription to United Streaming will NOT be Renewed

United Streaming has been a great tool for many educators throughout Forest Hills for good number of years. Unfortunately, due to pricing and diminishing use, we will not be renewing our subscription this upcoming school year. I know that many of you use this tool in dynamic ways in your classrooms. Please understand that the LC is committed to working with you to find other resources to replace or supplement what is now lacking due to the loss of this product. Our hope is that by sending you this information far enough in advance, you will be able to make adjustments and modification to your plans for next year with plenty of notice.