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Wellness Advocate Wholesale Membership

Dear Wellness Advocate

Congratulations! You are now a member of the most prestigious essential oil company! Isn't it comforting and empowering to know that you have the most pure and potent oils in the world at your fingertips? You have the tools to take care of yourself and others safely and naturally at a discounted rate.

If you don't already know, dōTERRA is a company sincerely dedicated to delivering the highest quality oils possible. dōTERRA's oils are derived from the best, indigenous sources in the world. You can be confident in the purity and quality of the oils you are purchasing and sharing with others. I wouldn't use any other brand on myself or my kids!

I hope the information below is helpful in getting you acquainted with your oils. There are so many resources out there! I recommend getting used to and experimenting with the oils that you have first. If you think you'd like to purchase oils on a monthly basis or pursue this as a business, I have additional information for you, but I'll let you soak up all of this first.

I encourage you to join some special groups on Facebook:

  1. There's an Oil for That -- This is one of our "team" pages managed by Lisa Kelley Jurecko, who is in our "upline" and fearless leader. There are over 500 people on this team and growing every month. Here you will find collaboration and support from fellow 'Team Jurecko' Wellness Advocates.
  2. dōTERRA Societas -- This is a terrific network of 5,600+ other Wellness Advocates from all over the country. You are not only a part of a genuine and honest company - this team you've joined is chock full of amazing, generous, and helpful people.
  3. Treehopper Essential Oils -- This is closed group team page lead by myself. This group is dedicated to sharing valuable resources, ideas, research, and designed for the Wellness Advocates that are building their businesses.

If you have questions call me anytime, or you can reach out to dōTERRA's Member Services team. They can help with anything and everything you might need - 1.800.411.8151

I am thrilled to have you as a member of my team, and I am committed to supporting you on this exciting journey in any way I can.


Kelly Myers

Treehopper Essential Oils

720-810-1153 (cell)

Resources: Bookmark these links for helpful information, research & support

More Resources! Click on the titles below to view brief informative videos about how to use various Essential Oils & how they are harvested.

Treehopper Essential Oils

Congratulations on taking such an important step in your personal wellness, and thank you for your business. This is just the beginning, and I am here to support you. Call, FB, or email me anytime.