The secrets in the shadows

Anne Schraff

Story elements

Secrets in the shadows takes place in Bluford high and his apartment building .During the present .The main conflict in the story is Roylin steals money from his old friend mr.miller . The book begins with a new girl that came to bluford high school and Roylin really likes her and she wants a necklace that cost lots of money about 350 in roylin says he have lots of it so pick up the book to find out what happens

Character analysis

The main character is Roylin .Three words to describe the main character are a thief , Misunderstood ,and not to bright .The character is motivated by a girl that he likes named Korie and he wants her to be his girlfriend.Idislike Roylin cause he could've asked his old friend mr,miller for the money indtead of stealing iot .The relationship between Roylin and Korie is not their yet but he likes her veery much that's why he stole the money


The theme of the novel is Roylin stole money .One example that suportsthe theme is Roylin took 350 dollars from his old friend mr.miler . Another example is mr. miller past after he found out his money was missingout of hjis wallet. A third example from the book is then mr,miller was was buried in the basement .A final example that supports the theme is Roylin bought a necklace for Korie with the money he stole


Because the book is great it interested me the cover looked like it would be a good book .Yes cause peopleor teens do crazy things for people they like