Life & Geography In Latin America

Sarah S.

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Physical Features


  1. The Andes Mountains are located in the western part of Chile
  2. The Amazon Rainforest is located in the northern part of Brazil
  3. The Brazilian Highlands are located in eastern part of Brazil

Bodies of water:

  • The Amazon River runs through many places including Bolivia, Columbia, Brazil, and Peru.
  • The Amazon Basin is also located in the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru.
  • The Tapajos river is located in the middle eastern part of Brazil and flows into the Amazon river.


  1. Hot and humid climate Mexico
  2. Tropical wet/dry climate around the Amazon Rainforest

Physical Features & Human Population

Physical features can make settling in a new place hard. For example, in Chile were the Andes mountains are located, it might be hard to farm because of those mountains. Another physical feature that could make settling hard would be a desert. In this case the Atacama desert, located on the Pacific Coast and west of he Andes Mountains.

Physical Features & Economic Activity

In Latin America, economic activity may include mining because they have a lot of things like iron, steel, lead, and zinc in places like Peru, Bolivia, Southern Brazil, and Northern Argentina.

Another economic activity in Latin America is by the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. These places are rich in fisheries because they are close to water.

Human-Environment Interaction


Deforestation is a major problem in Latin America. It can happen anywhere, but the Amazon Rainforest if effected the most in Latin America. Deforestation is the practice of cutting down forests/trees in large quantities. There are even laws saying what trees you can cut down, where you can cut them, and how much you can cut down. If you break one of these laws, it is called illegal logging.

Deforestation can effect anyone of thing that relies on tree for anything from surviving, getting food, or other resources. For example, animals like birds and squirrels live in trees and need them form homes. When you cut down a tree, you could be cutting down an animals home.

This is a major problem in Latin America because a lot of trees are being cut down for agriculture. Once forest is cut down for agriculture, its usually gone forever. The land cannot grow back when humans keep cutting it down for their needs. Another reason people keep cutting down trees is for fuelwood harvesting. Fuelwood is when wood is used for heating and cooking around the world. About half of the illegal logging done is used for fuelwood.