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May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Your care and concern for your children are a great support to us in our mission. Thank you!

As a district, we are rolling out parent surveys on your family’s experience with distance learning. This week, it’s Lake Denoon’s turn to roll out the survey. Please complete this survey by the end of the day on Thursday, May 14th. Thank you for your input to help us continuously improve for families and students.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Locker Pick Up on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Having your signs showing name and homeroom really helped us to keep things moving and prevented traffic backups. If you were unable to pick up items, please see upcoming newsletters for a districtwide plan for handling the return of the remaining items.

Important Dates, Events and Activities

April 20 - June 11 Virtual learning continues

May 22 and 25 - No Virtual Learning

News and Announcements

Library Book Check Out 2020

Click Here for the Secondary Muskego-Norway Spring 2020 Book Checkout

Parent COVID - 19 FAQ

Make sure to review the Parent FAQ document frequently where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions during this time. Updates will be highlighted in blue throughout the upcoming weeks. Along with the Parent FAQ document, our student services staff have created a presentation to provide resources on how to help your children cope with mental health. You will find fact sheets as well as age specific information in the presentation.

Problems with your Chromebook?

Support will be available to access loaners in the event of any damage or defect that inhibits the use of the device. Currently support will be available Wednesdays from 7:30 am - 3:00 pm at the Muskego High School main entrance (Door #1).

Visit this link for more details: bit.ly/PHE-TechSupport

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Please remember to order early so we can prepare the correct amount of food.

NOTE: Bulk chips are $1.00 off!

Lunch order form 5/11/20

Bulk a la Carte Pickup 5/14/20

If you have any questions or special accommodations please contact:

Chrissy Koerner
Food Service Director
262-971-1790 x4522

Student Services

A Note from your School Psychologist:

It would be a lie to say I am not bothered or stressed about our situation in the world right now. It’s challenging to figure out how to explain to my 3 year old why we wear masks if we go to the store and why he is not at school right now...or why his dad and I are working from home and cannot play with him all day. Feeling trapped in our home, not having the ability to pop into a store on a whim, visit a friend, or eat at a restaurant, coupled with the underlying fear of the health and well-being of friends, family, students and students’ families does not make for a healthy foundation on which to go about our days. I was venting to my husband the other day about the stir-craziness all of us are feeling. He had an interesting perspective.

My husband is a retired veteran from the Coast Guard. He paralleled the current pandemic experience to being on a Coast Guard boat for weeks at a time. Living on a boat with the same small crew, sleeping in tight quarters, without the ability to hop on land and go where he wanted (or see different people) prepared him for this unexpected pause in our lives right now. The insight he had was invaluable. On that boat, he figured out how to shift his focus from all the restrictions around his life to the positive intent behind why those restrictions exist. He, along with his crew, were protecting our borders and helping those in need. Wow. It’s exactly what we are doing. Right now. We are physical distancing, wearing PPE, and limiting our outings all to protect and help those in need. And those in need are us. We are helping contain the spread of a virus that has ravaged our nation and our world. Our restrictions, as uncomfortable or as stressful as they may be, are helping us help others. Guiding our children to understand why these restrictions exist may not erase their current sadness or anger about not seeing their friends, participating in promotion ceremonies, or playing spring sports, but when they look back on this part of their lives, the messages you’ve given them will support the development of their empathy and greater-good-thinking. Thank you for extending these critical life lessons to your kids.

Be well, Dr. R

Lake Denoon Student Services Staff

Dr. Jen Rohrbaugh, School Psychologist, jennifer.rohrbaugh@muskegonorway.org

Ms. Pam Groh, School Counselor, pamela.groh@muskegonorway.org

Ms. Amanda Rosman, School Social Worker, amanda.rosman@muskegonorway.org

If you are in need of community resources for safety, addiction, COVID-19 supports, etc., please check out 211.org.

What's Happening at Lake Dennon

6th grade Dollars and Sense students gave their time and talent to practice philanthropy this week!
Ms. Entwistle makes sure her students know that she cares about them and is still watching over them. She sent a copy of her image for them to prop up to remind them that she's got their backs

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you everyone who made our staff feel special and appreciated!!

Community Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - NAMI Newsletter - Click Here

Family Connection Newsletter is created by the Waukesha County Foster Care Program - Click Here

The Women’s Center If you or anyone you know needs help please contact the Women's Center right away

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Click Here for Spanish

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