The Pharis Family

Nuclear Family

The Five Functions

My family meets all five functions of a family. They meet physical needs, promote intellectual development, meet emotional needs, encourage social skills, and instill moral values. They meet my physical needs like giving me food, water, and shelter. They promote intellectual devopment by sending me and my sisters to school. They also meet my emotional skills by being there for me at my lowest times and also being with me through the good times. They encourage my social skills by letting me do sports, like cheer. And let me hang out with my friends and have social media. They also instill moral values in me. They have taught me respect, honesty, obedience, and much more.

Birth Order

Oldest (Me, 16) :





•enjoy making other people happy

Middle (Kelci, 9) :

•somewhat rebellious

•competitive with first born

•feel overlooked

•socially awkward

•misbehave in order to draw attention

Youngest (Kylie, 5) :



•feel inferior to siblings

•be considered spoiled

•highest self-esteem