UC Santa Barbara

Established 1891

A Day in the Life of UC Santa Barbara

Why UC Santa Barbara?

UC Santa Barbara offers 90 majors and 40 minor.UC Santa Barbara has 1,000 faculty members including 6 Nobel laureates.In addition to all of this while you are a UC Santa Barbara student you can be conducting research more than 50% of UCSB students conduct research.

Majors and Minors

UC Santa Barbara has 90 majors.There are lots of creative studies such as art, math, writing and literature, chemistry and many more.There are also many engineering majors, in addition to many majors in letters and sciences.There are 40 minors many of which are in letters and science minors that include philosophy, physics, and lots more.

Student Life

Here at UCSB there are many activities for students to take part in.The first week of school there are many clubs, fraternities and sororities that try to recruit members to keep students from different backgrounds and interests active in school.In addition if you cant find a club you like you can make your own


The admission rates of UCSB is 35.9%.The average gpa of students accepted into UCSB is 3.96, the average SAT score is 1926, the average ACT score is 28.You must also complete your A-G requirements.

Financial Aid

UC Santa Barbara does offer financial aid to students.59% of full time undergraduate students receive some kind of need based financial aid.The average need based financial aid is 18,698.For more information visit the financial aid website for UCSB.



Here at UC Santa Barbara we have many sports for both men and women.

Sports (all are for both men and women)

  • baseball and Softball
  • basketball
  • cross country
  • golf,
  • soccer
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • track and field
  • volleyball
  • water polo


UCSB does have on campus housing.78% of students live on campus or in the nearby community of Isla Vista.UCSB has eight on campus residences.Many of the residences have food plans.To learn more about each residence and finbd the perfect one for you click on the link. http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/residences

Is this school for me?

I believe this school would be a great fit for me as I plan on majoring in biology to become a general surgeon and UC Santa Barbara has a great biology program.Also UC Santa Barbara is near home but far enough for me to learn to live independently.I also enjoy that Santa Barbara is a bigger city than the one I grew up in but it's not so big i feel out of place.I also believe that UC Santa Barbara is a great school being ranked #8 in top public schools.I would love to go the this amazing school.