Acid Rain

By Natalie Elizalde 6B

What is it?

Acid Rain is a rain that had acid mixed in the water. Air Pollution is a main cause of this

How Does it Affect me?

Going through your day, you suspect nothing is going on and everything is fine. It actually isn't. There is global environmental issues going on. An example is Air Pollution, "Increases in air pollution have been linked to decreases in lung function and increases in heart attacks. High levels of air pollution according to the EPA Air Quality Index directly affect people with asthma and other types of lung or heart disease. Overall air quality has improved in the last 20 years but urban areas are still a concern. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution", The Effects of air pollution had caused damage to the lungs. It has caused asthma. It weakens your lungs making them more vulnerable to infections. Air Pollution has an impact on ourselves. I believe it's our responsibility to do something about it. As an advocate of society, I would find possible ways to prevent this or at least reduce these chances of lung disease of getting worse and impacting more people.

Another example is, "Climate change is projected to harm human health by increasing ground-level ozone and/or particulate matter air pollution in some locations. Ground-level ozone (a key component of smog) is associated with many health problems, such as diminished lung function, increased hospital admissions and emergency room visits for asthma, and increases in premature deaths.", These effects of the ozone layer can negatively effect the air we breathe in. This leading to problems in the lungs. This also leads to increase in premature deaths. From my experience, I do have asthma myself. I did not get it through environmental issues but I do understand what's like to have it. Having the knowledge that Air Pollution have an impact to this disease, I could reduce it by walking or biking to short distances instead of using an Audio Mobile

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Global Environment Impact

Air Pollution had a global environment impact. It doesn't just effect you, it effects and living thing around you. An example is that, "Normally pollutants rise or flow away from their sources without building up to unsafe levels. Wind patterns, clouds, rain, and temperature can affect how quickly pollutants move away from an area. Weather patterns that can trap air pollution in valleys or move it across the globe may be able to damage pristine environments far from the original sources." Scientist have stated that the irregular patterns of weather is caused by the intensity of air pollution. This leading to harmful environmental outcomes. As an advocate to Air Pollution, what I could do is observe the irregular patterns in the sky for myself, then with the knowledge I know, I could make others aware of whats going on and let them know.

Another case in point, is that, "Acid rain triggers a number of inorganic and biochemical reactions with deleterious environmental effects, making this a growing environmental problem worldwide.

  • Many lakes have become so acidic that fish cannot live in them anymore.
  • Degradation of many soil minerals produces metal ions that are then washed away in the runoff, causing several effects:
    • The release of toxic ions, such as Al3+, into the water supply.
    • The loss of important minerals, such as Ca2+, from the soil, killing trees and damaging crops.
  • Atmospheric pollutants are easily moved by wind currents, so acid-rain effects are felt far from where pollutants are generated."

Prevention/ Self Advocate

There are several ways to prevent Air Pollution or reduce it to promote a better environment. "The EPA Air Quality Index (AQI) tells you when air pollution is likely to reach levels that could be harmful. You can use the AQI as a tool to help you avoid ozone. Local TV stations, radio programs, and newspapers report the AQI. Try checking it when you're planning your daily activities."Looking at the AQI (Air Quality Index) tells you when the air becomes harmful. This will allow you to judge wether your activity for the day is bareable. What I could do to keep myself safe is to look on the news for this information.

As well as more ways to improve Air Pollution is that "

  • Turn off lights, computers, and other appliances when you're not using them.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances: lighting, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. For more information, see EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program .
  • Only use electric appliances when you need them.
  • Keep your thermostat at 68°F in the winter and 72°F in the summer. You can turn it even lower in the winter and higher in the summer when you are away from home.
  • Insulate your home as best you can.
  • Carpool, use public transportation, or better yet, walk or bicycle whenever possible
  • Buy vehicles with low NOx emissions, and properly maintain your vehicle.
  • Be well informed." I feel if more people were informed about Air Pollution the rates would drop. What I could do is use less energy like electrical appliances and electrical devices.

Another Example is that, "The overall goal of the Acid Rain Program is to achieve significant environmental and public health benefits through reductions in emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), the primary causes of acid rain. Under the Acid Rain Program, each unit must continuously measure and record its emissions of S02, NOx, and CO2, as well as volumetric flow and opacity." A way to prevent acid rain is to reduce the amount of NOx, CO2, SO2. If we measure the right amount being released into the air we could reduce the chances of it being released. If we measure how much is release we could reduce the occurrences of air pollution

"When ground-level ozone levels are high, take steps to limit the amount of air you breathe in while you're outside." That could involve exersicing is not the best to do that while you're outside. You could be inhaling dangerous chemicals into your body/

Laws to Prevent Pollution

Scientist are finding ways to reduce Acid Pollution,"The 1990 changes to the Clean Air Act introduced a nationwide approach to reducing acid pollution. The law is designed to reduce acid rain and improve public health by dramatically reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Using a market-based cap and trade approach, the program sets a permanent cap on the total amount of SO2 that may be emitted by electric power plants nationwide. As of 2005, emission reductions were more than 7 million tons from power plants, or 41 percent below 1980 levels.". With this change, air pollution has decreased. With power plants decreasing, this lowers the percentage compared to in 1980. I think this is very beneficial to society because this lowers illnesses in the respiratory system.

Negative Impact Influences

Finally, the negative influences of air pollution is that, "Increases in global temperatures could cause associated increases in premature deaths related to worsened ozone and particle pollution." Increases in air pollution have caused premature death to the illness in the ozone layer. This Negatively impacts society because the fact air pollution is making a life span of a human decrease is something that needs to be changed.

Lastly, "Health-related costs of the current effects of ozone air pollution exceeding national standards have been estimated at $6.5 billion (in 2008 U.S. dollars) nationwide, based on a U.S. assessment of health impacts from ozone levels during 2000–2002."Causing Billions of dollars being spent based on the health impact of the Ozone Layer. Air Pollution has increase billions of dollars just in health. I would think if we take act in decreasing air pollution, the numbers would go down massively

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Note for the Teacher

I have looked around in the sources given to us and I could not find a "positive visual environments might influence health status". I couldn't infer any either.


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