December Updates & Month End

Lea's Rockin' Owl

Welcome to Lea's Rockin' Owls Team

If you are receiving this newsletter, then you are a part of Lea's Rockin' Owl. If you are unsure, contact your mentor or upline and they will help you understand your upline.

I am your Director and I am here to help you along your journey. We will work on our goals together. Stay tuned each month to for updates from me.

$1000 Club!

$1000.00 Club!! What's that?! It's a new CLUB that I started that you are automatically added to when you hit $1000pv for that given month. You don't have to do anything on your end except book jewelry bars and sell, sell, sell!

Once you hit $1000pv in the back office I add you to the Club and send out a special charm for that month as my gift to you for joining!

For those that join from now till the end of the month, check you mailbox for a cute little envelope from me!

Congrats! Continue working your business and slingin' those lockets! Just can have a debt-free Christmas for your family with Origami Owl profits!

December $1000 Club Members so far are

Amanda Carr

Debby Bowles

Shonda Bedel

Melissa McCarty


Kristi Kitzmiller


Jessica Daniels

Ashley Bailey

Amy Root

Kimberly Gonzales

Suzie Thompson & Cynthia Jones

Jackie Lawrence

Johnnida Caldwell

Kristi Sanders

Jenifer Evans

Cheryl White

Lea Martin

Christie Foley

Laci Metz

Angela Pigg

Edith Crawford

Jessica Bray

Crystal Jones

Bethanee Rogers

Michelle Rager

Misty Wellman

Tobi Sharp

Ashley Hampton

Stephanie Smith

Regina Strong

mindy neace


Misha Wilson

Angie Huckaby

Melissa Jones

Brandy Jackson

Gina Schnurbusch

Randall Wright

Natasha Lucas

Whitney Wooton

Jennifer Diedrich

Tammy Sizemore

Beth Ramey

Rhea Ann Wright Holland

Susan Gray

Jennifer Adkins

Kelly Bennett

Lorna Sommer

Leah Lauhon

Mary Whaley

Tiffany Dossey

Debra Hargis-Boyd

Jennifer Gilbert

jennifer gee

Kimberly Wolfe

Brooke Osborne-Bowling

Krystal Barron

Janet Logan

Phoebe Adkins

and we have 71 more people who are already over $600. You have 12 days left to join the club!

Announcements Posted in FB Lea's Rockin' Owls Group!

1) I know not all of us have a FB, but you may want to consider opening one just to be added to our group page! The information on that page is invaluable! Also, the positivity, motivation, and excitement should not be missed! I am so blessed (daily) to have such an amazing group!!

2) Our team as of today is at $214,725 in CTV (Central Team Volume). This is 78.5% of November 2013 which was our teams highest month in history ($273,244). We have 557 designers on team: Lea's Rockin' Owls.

**If each person on the team would submit $105 more PV we would make it match November.

**Those of you who have not entered any orders this month (and there are over 140 of you) could submit your $99 PV just so you can continue to remain active, we will be able to match November!!!

**To remain a designer with ordering and discount privileges, you must have $199 in PV within 6 months. I have heard they will begin enforcing this very very soon (maybe even at the end of this month). If you wish to remain active, please submit orders this month. $199 PV = approx $350 in retail sales.

3) The new system is up and running and I know there are some glitches and you have some frustrations.
Some key points to remember:
**if you key in an order and do not have a ccard/dcard attached to the individual order and you don't close the party before midnight EST, you order will be removed (swept) and you will have to reenter another day. If you do secure the order with a ccard/dcard then your order and your items will be held for you even if the item goes temporarily unavailable. The ccard is the key.
**clear your cookies and casch every couple days because as IT is fixing these bugs they need to send out new information and our computers hold the "bad" stuff.
**Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use. Internet Explorer (the browser that comes installed on most computers is the worst).
**Please do not wait until the last day of the month at 10pm to start entering a lot of orders. The nest will be closed and if you have an issues, you will not be able to receive assistance.

4) Make sure you are going to O2 Lounge at least once a day to check for updates. Click on the O2 blog and "subscribe" to it. This is ensure you see all the updates from the nest.

5) Valentines- Catalog Supplement (8 page insert)
If you have not ordered these yet, please do so right away. SA7004. There will be new products to share with our customers to kick start 2014 and help with those Valentines gifts. Stay tuned to the back office for more information on these amazing new products which will only be available for a limited time. Order early!

6) Congrats to Melissa Jones, Ginger McQueen, and Natasha Lucas, and me who earned the O2 trip to Cabo San Lucas in February. Great job everyone!!!

If you have any questions, let me know! Lots of good info and tons more coming from the Nest. Check your BO often and read all emails that come your way from the Communications team!

Lea Martin- Director

(Goal- DIRECTOR By November)- DONE