Cost of Pursuing a Dream

Project: Determination

What is a Dream?

A dream is-Something a person decides to pursue in their life or something that the person wants.

What I think it takes to Pursue a Dream

I think that I takes multiple things but the thing I will be talking about is DETERMINATION.

because in the real world it is going to take hard work sweat and tears to achieve a goal. With that it is going to take even more to achieve the Ultimate goal for a person, a DREAM.

How this relates to the Great Gatsby?

In the Great Gatsby, there are multiple characters who need the Determination to keeep moving forward such a character as Gatsby himself, who was dertermined to win over Daisy's heart and through out the story Gatsby has many extravagant parties to attempt to do so. Even though She's already in a relationship with a man named Tom, though she states"I was never truly in love with you, my heart belongs with Gatsby." (Fitzgerald 130)
Another example from The Great Gatsby is when Gatsby told Tom about the affair that they were having, it took determination for Gatsby to say thst to Tom's face "Your wife doesn't love you, she never loved you do you hear? She only marrried you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me." (Fitzgerald 130)
In the Great Gatsby another example of Determination is when Jordan has to break the news to Nick "I'm sorry but I am already engaged to another man." (Fitzgerald 177)
In The Great Gatsby the Final example is when Nick hears about something quite surprising, "I hear you fired all your servants? I wanted sombody who wouldn't gossip, daisy comes over quite often in the afternoons." (Fitzgerald 114)

How does this relate to the Real World

As for the real world examples most careers in the world that involve determination. The reason behind the careers involving determination is because the people doing those careers need to have that quality in order to do good work. Some examples of this are teaching, performing music(this because if the performers don't have determination to do well then they will most likely bomb the performance and lose fans.) "A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" said Colin Powell.

Another Person who is another good example

another person who is a grerat example of determination in a career is Steve Jobs. The reason why is because he has to have determination to do the job that he did, which was creating Apple products.
Another real world example, what happens when you want something? If you want something more often than not you will be determined to get that thing no matter the cost. Correct me if I am wrong but when someone is following their dream that person will be determined to follow that path until the end, like I am determined to do several things, one I am determined to follow my dream as a guitarist, and also I am determined to make my girlfriend happy no matter the cost. "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we [succeed or not], that we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand" said Vince Lombardi.

People that are good examples of real world examples

In the real world people like Kirk Hammett followed his dream of becoming a rockstar and it took determination to acomplish this task that he wanted to acomplish " We wanted to offer something new to our audience, I hate it when bandxs stop taking chances" as said by Kirk Hammett.

So to answer the Question

In both The Great Gatsby and in the real world people have had to give up things for the cost of that dream. In my opinion dtermination to follow the dream you want IS realistic becausse so many people have succeeded in their dream because they have had the determination to get it done and now doing what they've wanted to do.


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