Work Place

By: Alex Keeling & Kirsten davison

General Dress code/ nursing office

- name pin

-Navy uniform pants, The waist of the uniform pants should not be rolled down. The cuff of the pant should not be slit up the side for a flared look.

-white lab coat

-shoes should be cleaned or polished

-closed toe shoes, has to be white or black

-hair must be out of your face


- saying thank you

-yes mama and no mama/and sir


-do as your told or asked

-Give Appreciation


- don't send nasty pictures

- have the subject as your real name/ not silly names

- keep you email focused and short

- you need to know what action to take

-formal writing

work area

-clean work space

- respect your work area

- if blood/ clean area

- only spray perfume in the bathroom

-if you share space keep area clean

cell phones

- don't stay on your phone while at work

- use work phone for if you have to

- don't take selfie's

-only use phone when on break

- turn your sound off while working

work ethic

- be a team player

- don't be a follower be leader

-be on time

- share ideas

-be encouraging

repond to problems in work place

- be positive

- keep an open mind

- listen to both sides

-come up with a solution

-tell the truth

social network

- no social media

- keep work and private life separate

-don't bring other people in your mess

- keep work confidential

-stay focused

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