Of Mice and Men: Novel Vs. Movie

Which is better?

In 1937 John Steinbeck wrote a book titled Of mice and men. Two migrant workers travel to a ranch for work. They had previously left a job because lennie accidentally grabbed a woman.
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In 1992 Gary Sinise directed "Of mice and men" The movie is about these two men that just recently started a new job because lennie got into a infatuation with the owners daughter. The two "main" characters are George and Lennie. Gary Sinise plays George and John Malkovich plays Lennie.
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Novel: Chapter Five

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Of Mice and Men (3/10) Movie CLIP - Curley's Wife Seduces George (1992) HD

Evaluation of which is better- the novel, or the movie

After a lot of research to see which ones better and determine the differences/similarities i finally decided. I think the novel is better. Because in the novel it went in a lot more detail about the scene i chose. The movie was good but i think it left out stuff. The novels always end up giving the best information. And the movies tend to leave out some main parts.