Derek Chase

Getting Acquainted

What is your professional background?

I teach biology with Catawba County Schools. This is my 10th year teaching in the classroom.

What is your experience with online learning and/or teaching?

I took the colt 101 class on moodle so I am just getting started. I worked on a graduated degree that was mostly online and I enjoyed that. As a teacher, my only experience is developing my class website so students can access information and assignments.

Why are you taking this course?

I am taking this course because I was like to be a certified online teacher and teach classes both in and out of the classroom. This course will help provide me with skills necessary for that to happen.

Describe or demonstrate one or two online tools or resources that might be helpful to others in the class. You can see tons at

One resource I looked into is called GRID. It allows you to use a variety of formats and spreadsheets to help you organize information. I can see using this to organize video clips, diagrams, tutorials etc for various topics in biology. I this this would apply to other classes as well. I could use it to organize by units of study and pull vrious resources related to that unit of study into GRID.

Another resource that looks interesting to me is called SMORE. Bascially, it allows the user to create a digital flyer and more. I can see using this for students to create digital flyers for certain topics in class like cells, genetics, milestones oin evolution etc...This resource looks like it would be easily transerferable for other classes and topics as well.

List two criteria for effective ice breakers.

Two criteria for effective ice breakers would be to create an ice breaker that gets participants interacting to establish a sense of community as well as an activity that is non-threatening so participants feel comfortable participating.