Ben's Smore Poster

"I like reading" -Ben Huff

Who I Am

I like trapshooting, reading, and video games and my values are security and education. I have a learning style that goes by sight. My self-esteem is realistic and normal. These are good to look at when choosing a career because you might need some of these qualities in a job.

My Career As An Architect

Architects design buildings and buy materials for them.

The median salary for an architect is about $80,000 per year

The job outlook is good.

The cluster is in architecture and construction.

The work schedule is sometimes flexible, but has a lot of time sensitive projects.

The work envorinment is in an office.

Did you know that arcitects can get paid alot depending on who they are working for.

I would like to go to Pepperdine university in California.

I would like to go here because it has good education.

You need a bachelor's degree to be an architect, but I would like a Master's degree or higher.

I don't know the collage tuition for pepperdine.

I hope to qualify for a Master's degree or higher.