Thomas Jefferson, The real him.

By: Anika Medrano, Period 7

The Louisiana Purchase was a hit!

Thomas Jefferson made a bold move into 1803 to buy Louisiana purchase from France for 15 million dollars. Thomas Jefferson was criticized for buying this big plot of land because it was such a big government move. It turned out to be the greatest deal he could ever make.

He kept this nation in order

Thomas Jefferson liked the idea of having separation between each kind of job. He made sure that our country wouldn't turn into a country like England. He lowered taxes by a lot and made this nation tightly knit. He pretty much followed word by word what the constitution said and that made things that much smoother. He was a man of his word, he was honestly one of the best presidents we have ever had.

He was a good president all around

President Jefferson was one tough cookie and his presidency really shows that and shines through. President Jefferson was a slave owner but he helped write the deceleration of independence. What better person than Jefferson to run the nation. He was there since the birth of our nation and he was one of our founding fathers. He was awesome and he was truly patriotic.
Thomas Jefferson & His Democracy: Crash Course US History #10