iPads in the Classroom

How to Incorporate Technology in Your Learning Environment

iPads in the Classroom: Worth Doing Right

This commentary explains the purpose of iPad programs and its benefits for students. It also includes a fascinating slide show of education technology across the ages.

The Right Questions You Should Ask

Some people make the argument that technology is taking over the classroom and educators are forgetting that students should be at the center of learning. This article addresses those debates and the pros and cons of using iPads in the classroom.

Ipads Put Into Action

iPads In The Classroom

Experience & Expectations for the 1:1 Elementary Classroom

Take a look at this Q&A with two teachers that are integrating iPads into their elementary classroom.

Elementary Students Using iPads in the Classroom

Take a look at some real-life students utilizing iPads with their learning

Local Elementary Students Use Ipads In Classrooms

Top 5 iPad Apps for the Classroom

This blog post from Edutopia lists five crucial apps to have on your classroom iPads including Notability and Google Drive