Path way to Perseverance


Perservernce to not give up and fight through adversities. It also means to try, try and try to you succeed in the object you were doing. You should have perseverance do everything what you fail to never give up. Also, you have to go around ventures to succeed.

Sandy Road Cause and Effect paragraph

The merchants had to travel across the desert to get to the city, because of this they faced adversity. Traveling in the desert effected the by the heat, dehydration and more.These are two major ones because the heat makes you tired and thirsty. Also it leads to dehydration and you can die if you are dehydrated.

Witon Churchill sequance

Winston Churchill was born in 1874, when he was born both of his parents died and he lived with his grandparents. Next he was a poor student and he had to go to military school because of this. Next he was known around the world for war and soon with the military to become author and he was a really famous one. Next he was a Prime Minister was out of the office a couple times. Lastly, he retired and soon passed away.

Connor and Cayden description

Connor and Cayden are two amazing kids.Cayden has special needs and Connor doesn't let that affect him. Connor will do triathlons so Cayden can do it with him. Connor with venture just for Cayden can feel normal. Cayden with be happy and so would Connor when he saw Cayden.