Team of Queens

Weekly Check-In

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! (Thank goodness)

Hi fabulous ladies!!

With just days to go in the month some of you are still going strong and aiming for their rock the summer goal. As always, I am here to help you reach your goals (especially end of month when a goal is on the line). For those of you inches away from your goal - you CAN do this! Make it happen for yourself.

For those of us that are SO ready for the fall selling season, its time to turn up the HEAT on fall planning. Yes, I know it is the last week of summer but now is the time to start prepping for September & October. Having shows on the books for September will allow for increased bookings for the rest of the season.

Think about taking some time this week or weekend to refresh your who do you know list. Start to map out who you want to talk to about hosting. Talk to those women that said "not until fall". There is lots that can be done to set up fall - let's see what we can do over the next week to get our business ready for the biggest selling season.

WELCOME Jenn Rozell

A huge welcome to Jenn Rozell who joins Coralee in this incredible journey. I hope to get to meet you very soon!

BOOT CAMP - This is a must!

I would highly recommend attending our boot camp. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and focus on all the things that make this business work. This is the kick in the bum that will propel you forward. I can tell you from experience that boot camp will push you forward. I signed up with S&D last September and went to boot camp within days of receiving my starter kit. Let me tell you, I walked away feeling like I had all the tools to reach my goals. And that I did! I sold over $16,000 in my first 3 months and promoted to Senior Stylist.

Halifax Boot Camp (Sat Sept 14th):

Moncton Boot Camp (Sun Sept 15th):

Sign up by the 7th and get the early bird rate of $25 - this cost covers the fee for the room rental and can be claimed on your taxes.

Meet Stella & Dot prior to Boot Camp

If you have any prospective stylists that have been on your mind or that you have spoken with and are on the fence, why not invite them to the Meet Stella & Dot? Let them see the community and make an informed decision if this business is for them.

Its a great way to dip your toe into Sponsoring or refresh your skills (I've invited most of my past hostesses and anyone I thought might make a great stylist).

What's the harm in trying?

Halifax -

Moncton -

Little Girls Line

I am in LOVE with the new line BUT really think about how you want to sample this line. I am sticking to 3-4 items and am actually going to wait to sample it when the Holiday collection comes out (save in shipping costs). With only 15% commission it will take a lot more unit sales to make your investment back. For example, if you spent $50 on this line it would take you about 14 units sold to break even (I based this on a $26 item). I will be using the PDF in a cute girly frame at check out to help boost sales.