Lindsay Smith

All About Me

Getting to Know Me

My hobbies are playing with my god son and baby cousin Riley, Listening To the amazing Scotty McCreery, Working on the BHS yearbook and spending time with my amazing boyfriend Tommy Stukes, watching Hart of Dixie.

My family consists of my beautiful mom Jennifer Smith who graduated from BHS in 1993, my insanely waky brother Caleb Smith who graduated from Beton High in 2013, my amazing Grandma Cheryl Landreth and an amazing grandpa David Landreth who has no only taken on the task of being my grandfather but has also helped my mother raise my brother and I. My cousin Laura is a big part of my life she is more like my sister. I was with her every day for the first 10 years of my life. When people say my bestfriend is like my sister this is literal. She resently had a baby he is my God son/ Nephew/ and really my cousin I LOVE HIM.

When I grow up I aspire to be a cosmetologist as of right now that is it has changed a lot.

Over break I spent time with my boyfriend because i don't see him much since he is a senior and Harrisonville and is also going to PT to train to be a marine. I also played games with my family and relaxed.

I celebrated Christmas by opening presents and eating maybe more than i should.

To bring in the New Year I played poker withmy family.

I am on yearbook staff .

Fun Facts about me, I have an obsesstion with Scotty McCreery I met him June 29 2013. My mom gave me a blanket with the picture of us on it for christmas. I am dating Tommy Stukes a senior at Harrisville he is going to be a Marine he leave june 10, 2014:(. July 17, 2014 i am going on a Duck Commander cruise to Key West and Cosemel Mexico.