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Planning Is Key

We are here to help you plan for the future, for your family. We are here to help you make those decisions in life that are hard for anyone to face. We are here to help you face the facts of life.

Cost of Funeral Expense

"Today, the average North American traditional funeral costs between $7,000 and $10,000. This price range includes the services at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and the installation of a headstone (Funeral Costs, n.d.)." It is important to plan ahead so your are not leaving the burden on your family. This is why we are here to take care of you and provide you with assistance in planning your end of life. Making it the best experience for you!
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Challenges we help you and your family overcome.

1. We help take the stress out of funeral arrangements.

2. We make you make the decisions so your family doesn't have too.

3. We help you make the financial choices that are best for you and your family. These leaves the cost from being unanticipated.

4. We help so the family doesn't have to make the decisions last minute. When you plan ahead with us.

5. "There are often family members who are emotionally incapable of making many of key decisions given such an emotional and challenging situation (Funeral Planning Challenges, n.d.)."

6."There may be family members who prefer to take control of these details, even though they may not be the appropriate person in many situations (Funeral Planning Challenges, n.d.)."

7. We help take the disagreement and stress out of which loved ones have control of your funeral.

8. "When dealing with multiple family members and loved ones, it can be difficult to integrate religion, spirituality or personal wishes and preferences (Funeral Planning Challenges, n.d.)." We want you to be able to make your personal wishes.

9."Trying to plan for “exactly what our loved one would have wanted” is often extremely difficult, especially considering the different opinions involved (Funeral Planning Challenges, n.d.)."

10. "When there are multiple people involved in planning the details of the memorial services, it can be challenging to agree on the location, funeral music, speakers who will be giving a funeral eulogy, guests, funeral flowers, date and time, etc (Funeral Planning Challenges, n.d.)."

We pride ourselves on granting the wishes of the individual who passed. So plan your funeral ahead and save your family from all these challenges!

Open to all Services

We cater to all differ religious orientations. Just let use know which religious book you would like us to read from. Along with the time of the service you are looking for. We also have different instruments and songs that we can play. We will also allow wishes of text and poems to be read, from your loved one or the family members.

Spend some time to plan!

"By simply sacrificing some of your time and planning, documenting, and potentially prepaying for this situation, you can be sure that your family and loved ones will thank you. And best of all, you will always remembered for this wonderful gift of a lifetime (End of life, n.d.)."


Come in today and help leave you and your family with peace-of-mind. We believe in leaving you with the right to decide your own life. To make sure you are remember by the people you loved.


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