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This Week at Staton

Monday, April 5

No School - Spring Break

Tuesday, April 6 - Day G

PreK - 5th Grade Full Time Return to School

Wednesday, April 7 - Day A

Thursday, April 8 - Day B

Friday, April 9 - Day C

9:05 - Fire Drill - please talk to your children about what a fire drill is :)

3:00 - Breakin the Ice

Welcome Back Students!

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Please see the attachment for IMPORTANT return to school information for all Prek- 5th grade students. Please also note that after spring break (April 6) our 2nd and 3rd graders will be entering different gates due to more students returning on campus. Please reach out to our school if you have any questions!!

  • PLEASE look at the drop off gates so your child enters the correct gate.
  • 3rd - 5th graders must bring their chromebooks.
  • Dogs or other animals are not allowed on school grounds. Thank you!!!
  • Be sure to pack an extra mask for your child's backpack.
  • Masks must cover the students nose and mouth (full coverage). No gaiters are allowed.
  • For the remainder of the school year, we ask that birthday treats are not sent to school. Due to the handling of food and sharing with others it is not safe to share treats at this time. We will resume this when it is safe. Thank you for your understanding.

2nd Grade GATE Screening - April 12 - 16

All second grade students will participate in an online screening for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. The screening will be administered at the school and will take approximately 40 minutes. Those students staying distance learning will be contacted by Mrs. Mann to come to Staton for the assessment the following week (April 19 - April 23). If you have any specific questions or do not want your child to participate in this assessment, please reach out to Mrs. Mann at
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Staton Sponsors are the Heart of our School!

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