Let's Build a Geodesic Greenhouse!

Munford High School

Geo-Dome Greenhouse, Inc.

You are engineers working for Geo-Dome Greenhouse, Inc. The company is designing a geodesic greenhouse, to allow people to grow fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs year round, with minimal extra heating or cooling. In order for the greenhouse to be the most energy-efficient and weather resistant structure, the dome must be rigid in shape, instead of using the traditional arches, and it must enclose the most volume for the minimum surface area. Your job is to prepare a presentation and model for the design branch of Geo-Dome Greenhouse. In addition to presenting facts about the geodesic greenhouse, include a design of the interior planting beds of the greenhouse that would be appealing to the consumer. Support all reasoning through sound mathematical evidence.

Driving Question:

How can we use geometry to create a geodesic greenhouse?

What are we learning?

We combined ELA and geometry standards with our Geodesic PBL.

What is our evidence?

We will be assessed through the use of daily group reflection slips as well as self-reflection. We will have formative assessment with white boards and Kahoots on the material presented on a daily basis. The final products of the presentation and model will be assessed with a rubric included in the Geodesic PBL Plan.

What is our final product?

We will be creating a presentation and model of our geodesic greenhouse to show to our stakeholders. Each group will create their own product.
What is a Geodesic Greenhouse?

Entry Event: We were able to see what it would be like to build an actual geodesic greenhouse.