Second Grade Know & Go

Lights, Shadows, Action!

This morning we quickly reviewed how light travels (see below) and then went on a hunt to find opaque, transparent and translucent light!

-Light rays travel in straight lines from the light source.

-When it hits an opaque object, some light is absorbed and the rest reflects off.

-If the object is transparent, light rays pass through it easily.

-If the object is translucent, some light can pass through, but the rest of the light will be reflected.

How are shadows formed?

-Light rays travel in straight lines, radiating out from the light source.

-If rays are blocked by an opaque object a shadow forms where the light cannot reach.

-If the light source is moved closer to the object, more light is blocked and a larger shadow is formed.

After our hunt I introduced our huge writing project.... writing and producing our very own shadow puppet stories! We had time today to brainstorm our story ideas and some even started working on their draft!

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