It pays to be green

Look at the green in you

Should you be green

If you are green you will contribute to the world and help it stay green and beautiful.

There are lots of ways to keep the world green and be green yourself.

You can recycle save water and reuse.

Here are some ideas:

Recycling bins

You can put in bins for separating materials and then take them to the trash plays near you.

You can separate dry waste and wet waste

Separating waste easier to plant it and so can reduce the amount of waste in the world.
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You should wash it with a bucket and a hose. You need a little time to shower and close the valve when brushing your teeth.

This will conserve water and save them for other uses such as irrigation and drinking more.

You need to collect your dog's poop

So keep the environment clean and cleaner world and keep the environment.