725 b.c. - 371 b.c.

Conquering The Lands of Messenia

The city-state of Sparta conquered the fields of Messenia from the start. After surrendering, the Messenians became Helots, or peasants who worked in the fields for the Spartans. They were treated as slaves. Sparta got half their crop supply every year. The Helots decided to rebel, Sparta was outnumbered 8 to 1. Soon after they attacked, Sparta won and started a new objective to become the strongest city-state.

Sparta started a new system to become stronger. As soon as new children were born, only the healthy children were saved. The others were left in the hills to die. The children who were kept started their military training at 7 years old. They were placed in army barracks. The program built them to be stronger and self sufficient solders when sent to the battlefield. The rebellion of Messenia essentially helped them achieve the new goal.

Strongest Military

Sparta became the strongest military in Ancient Greece. The type of government was an Oligarchy. That means they lived under a strict set of laws. The main way of life was law of self-discipline and endurance. This was their lifestyle, leading to a great achievement in power for the city-state. The men were put into training and became Spartan warriors to fight the battles.

The women in Sparta were gifted with more freedom. While young, they were expected to run, wrestle, and play sports. Once they got older, they had to manage the family estates for their husband who served for the military. As a whole, Sparta had very strict and harsh lifestyles. They valued strength, discipline, and duty. Although that took away from their individuality, they achieved great success and had a very strong society.

The Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian War was between the two rivals, Athens and Sparta. The two city-states had been building tension with each other for years. Sparta finally broke the ice when they attacked Athens in 431 B.C. They destroyed Athens's food supply during this attack. Athens had a very weak navy while Sparta was the strongest in Ancient Greece. Athens could not defeat the Spartans.

Sparta attacked Athens again 2 years later. The Athenians hid behind the strong walls of their city. Still, they were not protected from the very strong army. Many people were killed in the attacks and invasions. In 27 years, Sparta destroyed Athens fleet, empire, and wealth. Athens surrendered to Sparta 9 years later. Sparta conquered their democracy as an accomplishment.

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Editorial of Sparta

The two city-states are different in lots of ways. First off, the governments are very different. In the Sparta empire, they have an Oligarchy government. That puts them in a lot of restriction and they have lots of laws to obey. In Athens, there is a lot more freedom. The government is a democracy. Although that is good, the people in Sparta are a lot more ordered and trained under endurance and great power. This created a stronger and better government. Next, the way they live is very different. In Athens, the people love the arts. Most people have careers in the arts and there isn't may people trained in the military. Sparta is the complete opposite. They are all trained in military, and not in the arts. The arts can be good, but not when you are trying to be a strong empire.

Overall, Sparta is a much stronger, and better city-state. The way they choose to live their lifestyle is much better. The people are well trained and ready to battle when needed. It is a much stronger government. Based off strength, endurance, and military, the Spartan Empire is much better and Safer than the Athens Empire.