Jewish Culture

By Helen M.

The Beggining

Just like others, the Jewish people have their own culture. Israel was enslaved, attacked, and blessed throughout history. The Jewish culture and history is filled with kings, slaves, and more. These are facts about things that the modern Jews still worship and believe.

Jewish History

God made a covenant to Abraham. God told him to sacrifice his only son, Issac. Abraham agreed. God summoned an angel to watch over Abraham because of his choice. God foretold that Abraham's descendants will become a powerful country, and that they will honor God forever.

The first 3 kings were Saul, David, and Solomon.The kingdom was divided into 2 parts: The 10 tribes of the North formed the Kingdom of Israel, and the the 2 tribes of the South became the Kingdom of Jeru (Jerusalem).

A farming disaster forced the Jews to settle in Egypt. After welcomed though, the Jews were forced into slaves for the Egyptians. 400 years later, the Jews were finally free by Moses in 13 B.C.

The Northern kingdom was overthrown by the Assryrain Empire, and the people were taken into the empire and was never in this history again. The Southern kingdom was conquered by the Babylonians in the early 6 B.C. Soon, the Babylonians was taken over by the Persian Empire in the late 6 B.C.

In the 1st century, the region was overthrown by the Roman Empire. The Jews revolted against the Romans in 66-70 A.D. The temple in Jerusalem was demolished by the Romans, and the Independent state was shut down. New worships were developed, so there was another revolt by the Jews later on. The Romans SERIOUSLY shut down the revolt immediately.

Soon, the Jews were guided by the Rabbis (teachers) with gods prayers, rules,and good deeds. Jews were free at last from any empire in Europe and Asia.

Jewish Beliefs and Ways

The Jewish beliefs were based on the Torah, which means "to teach" or "point the way".The Torah states the early history of Israel and the laws of God. The Jewish believed in only 1 god;the creator of the universe. They believed that other gods were fake and make-believe.

They also believed that single life and community life were linked together, always. In a Jewish family, rituals and ceremonies take place. They practice in a synagogue (community of the faithful).

The well heard word "rabbi" meant just "my teacher". They are not priests, they are just appointed scholars. Origins of the synagogue (local place of worship) are not very clear. Jews are expected to take an yearly trip to Jerusalem and it's temple. If you were far from there, you would need a place to worship. People usually went to nearby temples for that. After the synagogue was destroyed, the temple became the lotus of worship.

Still done today, the Jews continue to worship and believe their God in synagogues, rituals, and other religious events.

Not really the end

The culture of the Jewish faith and history is filled to the brim of amazing tales and adventures. Rabbis, covenants, kings, divisions, God, and slavery were all in 1 culture and history. This culture may be complex, but interesting in many other ways.
Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11

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