No Child Left Behind

But Are Teachers?

Public Schools

Public Schools get their funding by producing students that have mastered materials set forth by the state. Since states defined and implemented accountability standards and also penalties for schools; high risk test were then enforced to monitor progress (Newman 2013).

Standard-based Education

The idea for standard-based education was to specifically entell what students should be learning. But to also hold somebody accountable. Yes, students should be held accountable but so should their teachers. It is the educators job to present all information in a form that can be understood by all students (2013).

Helpful Ideas in Advancing Teachers' Education

Qualified Teachers

By enforcing teacher to continue their education they will be fully equipped to handle and teach new material that has evolved. Sir Ken Robinson speaks on the lack of creativity in school; if they stay in school that can rebuild the creativity in the students as well as the school.

Professional Development

Invest in Professional Development Days will strengthen the school as a whole; giving teachers the ability to learn on their own and learn from other teachers. Building a stronger foundation can increase understanding within the school

Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program

"TCFP supports lifelong learning among educators by enabling them to perdue dreams and passion..." " Renewal times are not vacatios but opportunities for international exploration and reflection that will result in renewed energy, enthusiasm and creativity in teachers and thereby in classrooms and schools."

www.teacher creativity.org