City of Lost Souls

Dynamic Characters

The character that changes the most throughout the book is Jace. Jace is a shadow hunter and fights to protect humans by keeping demons out of the world. In the beginning of the book Jace is his normal self because he is unaffected by any demonic presence. During a ceremony performed by a higher demon Jace's blood is mixed with Sebastian's. Sebastian is part demon and therefore he gains complete control over Jace. Before he becomes controlled by Sebastian, he firmly believes demons are evil and must be destroyed. The clave is very important to him and he abides by all of their rules. He has a stubborn mindset and can't easily be swayed by others ideas or opinions. As the story continues he changes his ways and starts to become a complete follower of Sebastian. Jace thinks and acts in accordance with what Sebastian wants. He laughs at things that would never have been funny to him before. He joins forces with him and together they form an evil plan that involves taking over the world by turning shadow hunters into demons.

Static Characters

Clary- She believes that Jace can be saved and never gives up hope of rescuing him. She constantly searches for clues or anything that will help her save Jace. She even goes to see the Fairy Queen in a desperate attempt to learn what she knows about his location. In the end of the book she understands that Jace would want her to save the world even if it meant losing him. She stabs Jace with the angelic sword believing that he is more good than evil and will survive.

Simon- Simon and Clary are best friends that would do anything for each other. Simon decides to let Clary go and search for Jace because he understands her and why she must do it. He refuses to lose contact with her and is always concerned for her safety. He risks his own life to summon an angel that will save Jace. Even though he isn't close with Jace he knows that Clary would want him to do it. Everything he does is for Clary.

Foil Characters

An example of a foil in the story is between Clary and Isabelle. Clary has a very laid back personality and is more like a tom boy. While Isabelle is more feminine and always voices her opinion about everything. Their friendship is unique because of their differences and they sort of complete each other. Isabelle has a great sense of fashion while Clary is more comfortable wearing a t-shirt and jeans every day. Therefore, Isabelle is able to help Clary put together the perfect outfit for her mothers wedding rehearsal. When it comes to relationships Isabelle has no idea how to show her feelings. She is so used to doing everything for herself and never needing anyone else. Clary is more affectionate and relates well to others. When Isabelle doesn't know how to tell Simon how she feels about him Clary is there to help her. She teaches her that sometimes its okay to lean on others and show your emotions.


In this book Sebastian is an example of an anti-hero character. He works with demons and has an evil mind. He is self-centered and cares only for himself. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make his evil plan a reality even if that means hurting others. He manipulates Jace into doing what he wants and never thinks twice about it. His feelings for people are completely nonexistent. All he cares about is carrying out his plan.

Round Characters

An example of a round character in this story is Alec. He is a very conflicted character and he has trouble making decisions. Since he is the oldest child in his family he feels it is his responsibility to take care of his siblings and keep them out of trouble. He is always worrying about something or someone and trying to a perfectionist with everything he does.