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Muskaan Jogar


Hi, my name is Muskaan Jogar. I’m 15 years old. I’m in grade 10 and I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I have 6 members in my family. In my family there is, my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, my twin sister and myself. Yes, you read it right; I have a twin sister! I love the fact that I have a twin because it’s unusual and unique. A first, I used to get very frustrated when people would ask us if we were twins and ask weird questions by showing their excitement. I really didn’t know why people got so excited when they saw twins, but I soon found out the reason. It was because they didn’t have a twin or any experience being a twin. So, I guess it was fair for them to be excited but honestly the relationship of twins is almost the same as the relationship of other normal siblings. Apart from the twin talk, I also carry various interests and hobbies. My hobbies are to dance, sing and read. Whenever I’m feeling bored, I either dance, sing or read to make myself busy and happy. These three hobbies always take me to happy place where I don’t have any worries about anything and I can do anything I want. My favourite dance styles are hip hop, Bollywood and bhangra. I have also participated in many competitions with my sister because my sister and I always like to dance together in competitions. I enjoy singing Bollywood and English pop songs like Selena Gomez songs. My favourite genre of books is fantasy, romance and dystopian style books. My favourite series is “Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick. There are four books in the series. My favourite book from the series was the second book which is called “Crescendo”. I really enjoy the “Hush, Hush” series because whenever I read it, it always takes me to another world where I’m able to visualize myself as the main character. Well, that’s a little bit about me!

Hands To Myself

My Life Line...

Flying my first glider plane- November 2013

This is the picture of the glider I flew. It was one of the best days because I thought that I would actually fly a plane. Even though it's a glider, it's pretty much a plane without an engine. For the first time, the pilot controlled everything and told me about how things are going to work and to relax and enjoy the ride. This glider in towed into the air first and then released at around 500ft above the ground level. We also went in the autumn season which made the view even better. For the second ride, I had all the control to myself but the co-pilot was there just in case of any emergency. I still remember the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I really liked the take-off that I did and the turns in the sky but the landing was very rusty. I think that was because it was my first landing. But honestly, this moment will always be cherished with me!


My Leadership Style

We did a leadership style test in class. There were five types of leaders that we looked at. There was Leader as a Teller, Leader as a Delegator, Leader as a Persuader, Leader as a Consultant and Leader as a Joiner. I personally think that I am a Leader as a Consultant. I think this because Leaders as Consultants are the ones that encourage the team to participate in the decision making and it’s when final decisions are also made based on “majority rules”. This leader considers everyone’s opinions and actively participates with the rest of the team. I think that I relate with the Leader as a Consultant the most because as a leader I carry these exact qualities and I also think that it’s fair when everyone’s opinions are considered because that way, everything is fair and the way everyone else in the group wants it to be. A leader as Consultant also has empathy, builds relationships and likes to communicate with other team members. I’m also a leader who likes to communicate, build relationships with other team members as well. By being a Leader as Consultant, it’s easier to understand other team members and work better. Furthermore, I also feel comfortable being a leader as a Consultant. That’s because with other leaders that we learned about, they all involve ordering people and having minimal work themselves. But I personally don’t feel comfortable being a person or a leader who doesn’t contribute equally to the team. I always like to contributing and cooperating with others by doing equal work as the rest of the team.


My influences are my parents, sister and friends. The internal factors that have shaped my character the way it is today are positivity and taking risks. Positivity is my internal factor because I have learnt this through my family and friends. I always used to think about the bad results of anything that I would do. For example, if the teacher is handing back assignments, I would always think that I got a bad mark. But since I put my hard work into the assignment, I didn’t a bad mark. By being influenced by my family and friends, I’m now a positive person. They have influenced me to be a positive person by their positive energy and attitude towards everything they do. Being a positive person allows me to try my best to respond to any type of situation with positivity and without panicking. Another internal factor that I have by being influenced is taking risks. This is the internal factor that I have developed because I always have fear within myself of something negative happening to occur. Taking risks help me accept challenges and motivate myself to not be afraid and face the challenges. Also, accepting challenges motivates me to do more and not give up. Next, the external factor that I have developed by being influenced by my parents, sister and friends is to carry a positive manner. By carrying a positive manner, I am able to be brave and a competitive person. That’s because I don’t get afraid of what someone else will say to me if I take a certain action anymore. By having a positive manner towards everything, I’m even more comfortable to share my thoughts and opinion with other people and the class itself. Moreover, my friends have, and will always continue to influence me throughout my life. My friends have influenced me because they always work really hard and achieve great marks in all their classes. That has influenced me to work hard as well and get good marks in all my classes. My friends have also influenced me to be confident about myself because like I mentioned, I’m always very self-conscious. My friends have told me that I shouldn’t care about what people say because it’s my life and I get to make decisions of myself and by myself.


A person who has been very important and precious to me and is my role model is my twin sister. Her name is Mehak. She is important to me because she has been with me my entire life. She is literally a part of my soul because whenever she gets hurt or she’s feeling sad, I would know immediately because I can feel the pain she’s feeling at times as well. Mehak is helpful, collaborative, positive, intelligent and very beautiful. She is my role model because she always inspired me with her hard work and her positive attitude towards achieving her goals. Mehak is a type of person who can be helpful to anyone. For example, if she sees one of her friends struggling with something, she would help them. Mehak never lets anyone down. In our house, I sometimes get mad if something isn’t happening according to me because Mehak isn’t like that way; she always has her calm and goes with the flow. That’s what makes me want to be like her. I also to have calm in myself and have that positive energy with me at all times. Mehak is the person who I can’t get separated from in my life because I’m not used to being without her and if she goes away from me, I’ll most probably get very sick because I love her the most in this whole entire world!


To be honest, I’m at a stage where I can’t decide what career to pursue in the future. There are just so many options! I think this is a stage where mostly everyone can’t decide what to do in the future. So I guess I’m not the only one out here who doesn’t know to do with her life! Anyways, there are many types of careers I keep interest in such as fashion designer, graphic designer, general physician, ophthalmologist and a teacher. But I know that I can’t do all of them so I’ll have to choose one out the options I’ve kept for myself. So far I have the top three on my list. The three options I have are a Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer and a General Physician. These are the top three options on my list because I’m currently taking these courses and I have taken them next year as well. This way, I’ll get a better idea of which path to go on in the future. Despite the fact that I’m taking courses which will help me decide the career I want to pursue, I think I will most probably go for Graphic Designing because I’m very interested in technology and designing logos and clothes. To become a Graphic Designer, I will need to take Communications Technology throughout the high school years and I need to have an idea of Graphic Designing to get into the university. Usually universities don’t offer graphic designing courses but Ryerson University is offering a graphic designing course. The program is for four years and in the end, I earn the degree of Bachelor of Technology. When I have earned my degree, it will be up to me if I want to specialize further in Graphic Designing which I think I will to have a good career and a lifestyle for myself.

Day in the Life: Graphic Designer



Learning Styles

The result for my way of learning was Visual-Auditory. Visual-Auditory people learn by looking, seeing, hearing and listening. As a Visual-Auditory person, I am 36% a visual learner, 35% auditory learner and 29% kinesthetic learner. As a visual learner, I like to take notes, close my eyes to visualize ideas and benefit from illustrations and presentations that use colour. I always like to highlight the key ideas in my notes and use mind map to sort out my ideas. That is what a visual learner also does in terms of learning. An auditory learner like to hear what is being instructed and I like to do that. I always pay attention to what the teacher is saying in class and follow instructions. As an auditory learner, I like to read my notes to myself, talk to someone about the topic and listen to videos or other recorded media related to the subject to gain more knowledge.

Personality Test

My result for my personality type is ESFJ. ESFJ stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. I agree with this result because ESFJs are very supportive, caring, and sociable. I'm at ease in large group setting and comfortable being the centre of attention as a positive leader. I value stability and tradition and that's is what ESFJs do. ESFJs keep a strong stand for justice and for right over wrong. We use personal observations, experiences and attention to detail when making sense of a situation. I really enjoy helping others, planning and organizing events, and tend to look for work that is meaningful. But the negative side of ESFJs is that we become overly concerned with our social status and how we are perceived by others. We also have difficulties understanding unconventional viewpoints since we tend to see issues in black and white. I think ESFJ suits me with the character traits it displayed.

Interest Type

For the interest category, my result was The Translator. My interest traits were artistic and social. I confidentially agree with my result because The Translator's job is to connect with people around them with their communication skills. They are comfortable in the spotlight and behind the scenes and I think that this is true about me because I like to show my talents and be the spotlight. I like to share information and work independently. Since my two traits are artistic and social, I think they very much suit me. Artistic people like being in an environment where variety and change are expected. I think that is true because I like being in an environment where's a variety of options to work with and I always like seeing change. Sometimes, the things like weather, story lines of movies/books are the same and same things on repeat for me are very boring. I don't like boring things which always makes me want to have a change. A social person likes to revolve around people. That statement goes very well with me because I enjoy being in an environment where I can meet different people and get to learn new things from them. I like to help people of they are having any sort of difficulties and that is exactly what social people like to do.

Knowledge Test

My top subject area is Physical Education. I somewhat disagree with this result. That is because I like to work with equations and solve problems. I also enjoy exercising and being active but I better with math. I think the result is Physical Education because there were more of healthy lifestyle questions in the survey and less problem solving, math related questions. If I get to redo this survey I would really like my result to be math for the knowledge category.

Motivations Test

My result for the motivations category is Independence. I agree with the result that I got because I like to be independent and do things by myself. Along with being independent, I also like meeting and interacting with people and get to know them more. But I mostly like doing things the way I'm comfortable doing. By being independent, I have become more responsible because now I always put reminders on for when an assignment is due and do it before the deadline. I always like to do things before hand and not last minute. Being independent has taught me to be more responsible and I'm very grateful for being independent.

Multiple Intelligence Test

There were nine tests that I took to help me determine my “intelligence”. Each section outlined/based on a specific type of strength. Section 6 was my highest strength. Section 6 showed my kinesthetic strength and it was ranked at 90. A kinesthetic strength is when a person are skilled in using their body and ideas to show feelings and emotions. My second highest strengths were in section 2,3,4,8 and 9. These sections were ranked at 60 but each section showed a different type of intelligence. Section 2 showed my musical strength. Musical strength enables an individual to recognize, create and reflect on music as shown by conductors and musicians. Section 3 was also my second highest strength which was ranked at 60. Section 3 indicates my logical strength. People with logical strength are good at detecting patterns, mathematics and identifying relationship between different things. Section 4 was also ranked at 60. Section 4 illustrates my Existential strength. Existential strength is when a person has an ability to understand others and the world around them. Section 8 reflects my interapersonal strength. Interapersonal strength is the ability to know and understand yourself really well. People who have great intrapersonal skills are aware of their emotions, beliefs and motivations. The last section that was ranked at 60 as my second highest strength was section 9. Section 9 suggests my visual strength. Visual strength is when a person can use their creative abilities to better their life. They use visuals and different mediums to express themselves. My third highest strength was ranked at 50 which was section 1. Section 1 reflects my naturalist strength. A naturalist has an appreciation for nature. They are gifted with the ability to interact and care for animals. My second last strength is interpersonal strength which is section 5. Interpersonal strength is to have the ability to interact and communicate with other people. Having interpersonal skills help people be successful in their professional and personal lives. Last, but not the least, my weakest strength is ranked at 30 which is section 7. Section 7 indicates my verbal strength. Verbal strength is the ability to analyze situations and solve problems using verbal reasoning.

Next, I’m extremely surprised with my results. I’m surprised because I disagree with the results I have achieved. I think the order of my strength should be in the opposite order because my top strength was my kinesthetic strength. That is not supposed to be my top strength because I don’t like getting started on things by myself. I always like to have instructions and learn by seeing someone demonstrating it to me first. On the Blueprint that we did, my weakest learning skill was my kinesthetic skills and with this survey, it’s my top strength. I think that is due to the choice of questions. The order of my results has disappointed me. My weakest strength which is my verbal strength shouldn’t be the last one because I really like to read, do presentations and talk to people. But since verbal strength is also connected with writing, then I might have lost some points on that part because I don’t really enjoy writing for pleasure.

Moreover, since my unexpectedly strongest strength is my kinesthetic strength, I would like to use this strength is many ways to help me learn. In order to learn as a kinesthetic learner, I will use lots of examples in my notes because kinesthetic learners understand various concepts better using examples than just facts. I can study with other people because kinesthetic learners like to do discussions and talking about what they’ve learnt with other people. I can also try to figure things out myself first rather than asking someone because kinesthetic learners are usually the “doers”. Even though I know that I’m not a kinesthetic learner, I will try my best to use this skill as much as possible and develop on it to make it more active.

True Colours Test

To start off, I agree with my true colour assignment. My result is Responsible Gold. I agree with my result because the description of Responsible Gold apllies to me the most. The descriptions explains that the person with the gold personality is very organized, always plans ahead, they are loyal, follow rules, help others and respect the authority. I agree with my result because I work efficiently and I like to keep things in order. For example, when I’m given an assignment to work on, I always plan ahead for what I’m going to do for the assignment. I also like to keep a shceduele to mark things for when they are due. This way, I stay organized and I complete my work on time.

Next, my last colour for my personailty type is curious green. I think Curious Green is my last personality type because a green person usually examines things carefully, are self-motivated and logical. They enjoy learning new things and sharing their knowledge. Even thought this colour is my last personality type, I still like to learn new things and them with others. I’m also self motivated. The reason why this colour has appeared to be my last perosnality type because I think there were questions in the assessment that were more interesting and I could relate to them. I aslo think this because I’m not a curious person. That’s beauase I’m usually not so curious to learn things instantly. I like to take my time in understanding what we’re going to learn and then I like to start learning. Some people have a quality in themselves to find an answer to something or learn something as soon as they can because they are curious. That’s way I don’t think Curious Green was my last personality type.

Finally, I don’t only agree with my top personality colour, but I also agree with all the other results. I agree with all my results becausethye are all in order of my personality. My first peronality colour is gold, second colour is blue, third colour is orange and the last colour is green. These colours are in order accoridng to my perosnality. To sum it up, my first colour is Responsible Gold becuase it connects with me. Gold perosnality people like to stay organised, plan ahead and are responsible.

True Colors Author Mary Miscisin Test Your Personality PBS DVD