Do You Want A Future?

Emily Bell

No Child Labor; Yes Education

Kids all over the world have not gotten the chance to go to school and achieve their life goals and there needs to be a stop to this today. Currently 69 million kids all over the worlds are not recieving and education and 700 million children do not know how to read or write. How would you feel if you didnt know how to read or write? For example, if you couldn't read or write, you wouldn't be able to send and recieve text messages, read recipes, or even go on the internet. Thousands of kids in different countries want to go to school more than anything and we need to find a way to make their wishes come true.

UNICEF: Schools for Africa - Ethiopia

Unicef Donations

Unicef a program made to help raise money for children all around the world who have encountered servere living problems. This Ocotober Unicef is collecting donations to help the children in Asia have their right to education. All you need to do is walk around your neighborhood asking for donations. Even a little bit of money will make a huge difference on children eduaction rights. We need to help kids have their right to education and this is the perfect way to do it.

Help The Children

All you need to do is donate $5.00 or less of your money to help raise money for children to get the chance to have a future, and to get an education just like you. There is no reason why every child in this world shouldn't get the same opportunities as you do.