Unit of Instruction

The Revolutionary War - Seventh Grade

Target Students

STUDENT A (12-year-old Caucasian female)

Some Strengths:

- strong social skills

- determination to improve academic skills

Primary disability - Specific Learning Disability (SLD);

Secondary disability - speech/language impairment

IEP goals related to History:

- "Student will continue to improve her vocabulary skills by defining and using grade-level curriculum-based vocabulary."

- "Student will increase listening and reading comprehension skills so that she is able to answer comprehension questions."

STUDENT B (12-year-old male of Hispanic descent)

Some Strengths:

- ability to dictate detailed and complex essays orally

- grade level math abilities

Primary disability - SLD

Secondary disability - ADHD

IEP goals applicable to this class:

- "When provided with clear guidelines and a behavior plan, Student will follow directions, complete class work/homework; turn it in, and organize his materials."

- "When given structured expectations, Student will act within the behavioral guidelines of the class; if he is impulsive and breaks a rule, he will recognize and admit what behavior he did."

STUDENT C (12-year old Caucasian male)

Some Strengths:

- desire to learn more about nearly every subject he encounters

- ability to remember details about preferred subjects

Primary disability - Other Health Impairment (OHI) due to ADHD and Anxiety Disorder

Secondary disability - speech fluency disorder

Applicable IEP goals:

- "With adult cues, Student will be aware of the fact that he interrupts and write down bullet points to share when it would be more appropriate."

- "When given directions, Student will complete the task and ask less than three questions per assignment."


Revolutionary War

Details: Important People, Places, Dates

Big Ideas

- Fighting for a cause

- Holding true to one's word

- Freedom/equality

- The War's influence on other countries

Specific Information on Formal Lesson Plan

Final lesson of Unit (5 / 5)

Process of This Lesson

Teaching Style and Delivery of Instruction

- Direct Instruction

- Visual supports projected onscreen

- Students provided with note taking / study guide

- Cooperative learning (Think / Pair / Share)

Environmental Considerations / Instructional Arrangement

- Timing dictated by regular teacher

- Entire Revolutionary War in 5 days

Instructional Materials / Instructional Strategy

- Engagement Strategy: True / False sort

- Input Phase: The Road to Victory

- Formative Assessments: Questions from previous evening's homework, choral response

- Guided Practice: Think / Pair / Share - How might world be different today if Patriots hadn't won the war?

- Summative Assessment: Mini quiz about Yorktown and influence of War on other countries

- Closure Activity: History Millionaire!

Support and Supervision Structure

- Regular teacher provided content outline

- Regular teacher present in classroom

Product of This Lesson

- 100% on Mini Quiz: 3/3 target students; 20 / 21 students (95% of students)

- 5 / 6 points on essay question: 3 / 3 target students; 19 / 21 students (90% of all students)

Commentary on Lesson

How did it go?

- First day

- Days 2 - 5

What worked / didn't work about the instructional strategy and why?

- Direct Instruction

- Projected outline

- Note taking guide

- Cooperative learning

- RIO format (especially Engagement and Closure)

Why did learning occur?

- Student engagement high

- Clarity about important information

What 2 - 3 things would I do differently next time?

- Different timing

- More peer-mediated and cooperative learning

- More visuals / emphasis on multimedia

Thank you for your time and attention