eTwinning Project


Meet different angles of European diversities and similarities in culture and tradition. National flags serve as the basis to create an exhibition of European modeling flags in order to start the contest 'Tasty flags'. Jury decides about the most creative flag designed with traditional food ingredients typical for each country. Winners announced .Virtual display of photos of tasty flags web published.


1. meet & exchange of European flags visually /through Arts, designing, drawings, historical background in a Flag Day

2. transform flags into modeling objects first, then creating them using traditional food instead of flag colors

3. promote typical national food & recipes

4. stimulate creativity &innovative approach to national values of each country

5. develop ICT & English language skills

6. build up the European spirit that brings us together

7. promote each country Flag Day & develop awareness & joy of being European citizen through the process of establishing intercultural communication among different Schools from all over Europe

Work process

First we introduce ourselves (school & country) to our partners by using ppts, slideshow, video...Each country prepares the European flag exhibition (modeling with plasticine, paper,…) and upload its presentation. Students do research on their National typical food. Healthy ingredients are used to create/paint/design country tasty flag. Recipes exchange connected to traditional food contest for the most creative tasty flag selected by a jury & students. Winner’s announcement. We expect to finish the Project in 3-month-time.

Our work - reflection and evaluation

We have done all the planned activities; we have introduced ourselves, the school and the children’s group. We have decided to make a salad because in Portugal we used very much the salads in summer, a colored salad. We worked the Portuguese flag and the Portuguese anthem; the children start to learn all the words in the anthem.

We worked the colors of the flag and we have made a simulation of the flag with children’s bodies.

We entered in the competition like the plan said but unfortunately we didn’t win but for children is important to participate and collaborate.

Expected results

We are planning to use the Public Twinspace to show students' artwork and creativity in designing tasty flags of their country. By meeting different tasty flags of other European countries we expect to develop students' awareness of their own tradition, typical food and to exchange this knowledge with other European countries. We expect many different creative activities from students (cartoons, stories, puzzles, quizzes...) that would sublimate the importance of National flags viewed as creative tasty objects.

Portugal National Anthem English lyrics