Indus Culture

Fiona M, and Nick D


Culture Intro

Each of the River Valley Civilizations societies had unique aspects to that made them different from all other civilizations. Each civilization had their own culture. Culture is the religious beliefs and traditions of a certain area. Culture also includes certain architectures, languages, foods, clothing, and even the music of an area. In the Indus Valley they had culture to made their civilization different than others. The things that make everyone different are the parts of culture, these give each civilization unique qualities that others don’t have. The culture developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on the people of that civilization.

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Religion Influenced Daily Life

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Indus Valley Writing


Architecture Impacted the Indus Valley


  • Architecture impacted the study of mathematics, science, and engineering.

  • Most Indus Valley homes had flat roofs. So the engineers had to design roofs that were stiff enough for people to walk on without the fear of falling.

  • Some buildings were made of mud-bricks, the scientists had to figure out how to make these bricks and also have a daily routine of making them to be building-ready.

  • All the way around the civilizations there were huge walls, fortresses and citadels. The mathematics and engineering was improved because of all the planning that went into making sure that these structures fit perfectly around the buildings of the civilization.

Innovations Allowed for a Wider Gap Between Social Classes


Achievements Paved the way in the Indus Valley

Indus Valley Achievements

Statement: Achievements paved the way for more complex economic and military systems.

  • Invented the standard weights to measure objects

    • This allowed the people to weigh the objects that they were trading.

  • Standardized the measurement system.

    • It would help them

  • First people in this art of the world to grow cotton and weaved it into cloth.