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Newsletter - 5/30/16

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Hooray for all our amazing students (and their equally awesome parents!)

On Sunday, May 22nd, we gathered one final time for the end of the school year to celebrate learning and community. During our morning "Kehilla Tephila" gathering, Seth led us in "Hinei Mah Tov" -- our song of gratitude for the gift of coming together each week. Then we recognized all of our students at Student Recognition Awards (for learning and making new friends!) and especially our top point earners, who earned points for attending school, attending services, practicing Hebrew at home, doing mitzvot, and mastering Hebrew and Hebrew prayers! We are so proud of all our students, their growth as individuals and as students. And we are so very, very grateful to all our parents, who rise early each Sunday to help make this wonderful community happen.
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Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah! Our final Mitzvah Chain Ceremony of the year!

At the close of the day, we brought out our Mitzvah Chain for one final trip around the sanctuary. And for the first time ever (and we've been doing the Mitzvah Chain for six years now!) it wrapped all the way around the sanctuary! Together as a community of teachers, madrichim, students, and parents, we passed the chain all the way around the sanctuary until we were able to link the very first mitzvah of the year to the very last mitzvah of the year. Then we all took a moment to read the mitzvot we were holding (pictured above; thank you Gaia Goldman for taking photos!) How lovely to have this visual reminder of how we build hope and community link by link.

In loving memory of our dear friend, Lotte Myerson

It is with a heart filled with both sadness and love that we say farewell to our friend, fellow congregant, and life-long learner, Lotte Myerson, who both taught our children and delighted in their learning. Lotte and her beloved husband, Seymour both passed away this past Saturday -- she at 93 and he at 99 -- having recently celebrated their 73rd anniversary. They left this world side by side, just as they lived in it.

Last year, when the seventh graders in our school were studying the Holocaust, Lotte (who escaped Nazi Germany as a teenager, along with her family) said, "I used the ask the quesion: 'Where were the decent Germans?' And then I decided to answer the question by always choosing to be the decent person." Lotte was that and more. She dedicated her life to social justice in this country. Every opportunity she got, she would speak to children about the dangers of apathy in our society. Her visit had a profound impact on these young teens.

The photos accompanying this post are of Lotte showing photos of her childhood in Germany to last year's Kesher class -- and of Lotte at the age of three in her childhood home of Darmstadt, Germany.

Lotte was keen on attending Family Services and was delighted to be led in prayer by our students and made a point of pulling me aside at oneg to tell me how wonderful it was to see our students on the bimah and how much hope they gave her for our Jewish future.

If the mitzvah chain represents our community and our collective strength, wisdom, and willingness to do good in the world, Lotte was a beautiful, strong, and powerful link in that chain, and will always remain so.

z'l. May Lotte and Seymour's memories continue to bless the world through us.

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Upcoming Events! Mark Your Calendars now!

Please come join us for services over the summer months! And mark down September 11th for the first day of Religious School 2016-17.

  • Friday June 3rd - Saturday June 4th - Family services at 6:30 p.m. and Bennett Slosman's Bar Mitzvah
  • June 10th - 11th - Lindsay Blum's Bat Mitzvah weekend
  • June 17th - 18th - Justine Gottschalk's Bat Mitzvah weekend
  • July 22nd - 23rd - Julia Michael's Bat Mitzvah weekend
  • Sunday, September 11th - Religious School Resumes/ Congregational Picnic following dismissal at noon. Details to come!
  • Oct. 7th - 8th - Jonathan Gilreath's Bar Mitzvah weekend

Kayitz Tov! Have a wonderful summer break! See you in September!