Post Oak Savannah

It's no joke, lets keep the Post Oak!

Why is our eco-region unique?

No other region has rich, quality clay like the Post Oak Savannah! We also have beautiful, lowland hills and oak forests, not to mention the wonderful, green grasslands!

How we can help make our eco-region a better place?

We can plant more plants to decrease bad wind and water erosion to preserve our beautiful eco-region. The farmers in our eco-region could also adapt to new plowing methods to decrease erosion.

Some of our lovely scenery

A Wrap Up.

The Post Oak Savannah should remain and eco-region because it is extremely diverse and home to many organisms. BOTGO should consider this eco-region and all it has to offer.

Post Oak Savannah

2011 Lone Star Land Steward: Trinity Bluff - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]