Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 10. 2013

What is going on?

Math- All week we are going to be reviewing our place value skills. We will be dipping our toe into playing with numbers larger than 999. I have a ton of fun interactive websites and games to spark interest during this time of year.

Social Studies- If only you could have been here to hear the debate range between items that are needs and items that are wants. Did you know that some families NEED vacations in order to survive?

What you can do at home: Ask your child to identify whether things you are buying are a good (food, objects) or a service (pedicure, haircut,...) Talk about wants versus needs in your family.

Writing- We are beginning a research project that ties in with reading. Everyone will be researching about an animal and gathering information this week and next. We will be using multiple sources: books, experts (people), and the internet.

What you can do at home: Find out what animal your child is researching at school and see if you can find more information about the animal using books or the internet (be sure the site you visit is a trusted source).

What is happening?

May 13th-17th Last Book Fair for the year! Please get some summer reading

May 27th: Holiday

May 26th-May 31st: Student Appreciation Week

May 31st: Class party in our room from 1:00-1:45