Zachary Fabrick


Student Ambassadors Program: September 2012-Present

  • In the Student Ambassadors program, dedicated students serve as interns to Wildwood School admissions officers.
  • Responsibilities include speaking on the open house panels, hosting touring “shadow students,” writing letters to prospective students and speaking to prospective touring families.
  • This club has strengthened my communications skills and public speaking ability. It has helped me become a more confident leader in group settings.

Student Council Member: 2013-2014 Academic Year

  • As the student council president of the communications committee, it was my responsibility to initiate a flow of open communication to students and faculty about school events and news.
  • This position on student council has made me a more personable, active individual because being in contact with many people requires an amiable, approachable personality.

International Community Involvement in Nepal: Spring, Grades 9 and 10

  • In this life-changing program, I traveled with a group of other Wildwood Students to Nepal where we took part in many community service projects including working in an orphanage and a school. In addition, we took part in a five-day trek in the Himalaya mountain range.
  • Spending most of my time working in an all girls orphanage, my skills interacting with children improved dramatically. In the orphanage, a large amount of time was spent doing activities such as teaching English, dancing, singing and various improvisation games.

Teen Literacy Corps: 2013-2014 Academic Year

  • In the Teen Literacy Corps program, I visit a school every week where I read and partake in other learning activities with my kindergarten “buddy.” The program targets schools with a majority of children living in lower socioeconomic circumstances.
  • This program requires teaching skills and patience to be able to effectively work with the student.

Counselor at Cheviot Hills Drama Camp: Summer 2013-Present

  • As a Counselor at Cheviot Hills Drama Camp, I got to take part in a program that combined two of my favorite hobbies; working with children and working in a theatre setting.
  • As a Counselor, I assist in the direction of musical productions and the supervision of children. I believe that I left the program with the necessary skills needed for childcare in a fun summer camp setting.

Babysitting: 2012-Present

  • The way I began my passion for working with children was by being a babysitter. Babysitting helped me attain the necessary skills I need for working with children such as keeping them entertained and well behaved.
  • Babysitting also helped me grow into a responsible young adult because it made me realize that I have to be responsible for my actions while I need to be responsible for somebody else at the same time.

Wildwood Theatre Program: 2010-Present

  • The Wildwood theatre program has strengthened me as an actor and someone who has experience and confidence in teaching others. Since drama is one of my hobbies, I believe I have what it takes to pass on my skills to others in a collaborative nonjudgmental setting.
  • Through this program, I have competed in the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Competition and received second place in state.