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If you have any BOXTOPS lying around the house please send them in. All money raised through our BOXTOPS collections goes right back to the kids. Last year we raised over $2000 from our BOXTOPS collection. Thank you in advance!

ST Math

ST Math

Has your child been talking about ST Math at home? This year we are very fortunate to have been able to bring ST Math to our kids through a grant from Mass Stem Hub.

"ST Math (which stands for Spatial-Temporal Math) is a personalized math learning software developed by folks with a neuroscience background that teaches math the way children learn – visually and experientially – to drive conceptual understanding. The program is computer-based and initially demonstrates mathematical ideas without language by using engaging animation and then layers symbols on top of established concepts."

While some students might find it fun, all students have certainly been challenged by the program and it has been great to see our kids strengthen their math skills along the way.

Does it work?

When ST Math is implemented with fidelity, the program shows significant positive results for students.

"Increased math proficiency: A WestEd study of 129 schools in California showed that grades that fully implemented ST Math had students who were considered “proficient” or above in math at a rate that was, on average, 6.32 percentage points higher (an effect size of 0.47) than for comparison grades in the control group. [1] This is higher than the effect size (0.25) required by the US government’s “What Works Clearinghouse” in order to consider a difference “substantively important” for education interventions.[2]"

"Gains beyond proficiency: ST Math also demonstrated effectiveness at moving students beyond proficiency; grades fully implementing ST Math had students who scored “advanced” in math at a rate that was, on average, 5.58 percentage points higher (effect size of 0.4) than for comparison grades in the control group. The study found that the impact of ST Math on scale scores had an effect size of 0.42, meaning that a school who scored at the 50th percentile statewide would move up to the 66th percentile after one year of ST Math implementation.[3]"

For more information on ST Math or the Mass Stem Hub please read below and click the links below.

1] Results are for students who received the target dosage. “Full implementation” is defined as at least 85% of students using ST Math and average progress through content of at least 50%.

[2] “What Works Clearinghouse, Procedures and Standards Handbook Version 4.0”, July 2017.

[3] “Evaluation of the MIND Research Institute’s Spatial-Temporal Math (ST Math) Program in California”, WestEd, 2014.

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Mrs. Tessier's class hard at work on ST Math

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Harvest Big Blast 2018

Please consider signing up to help with this year's Harvest Big Blast event. Feel free to sign up for more than one shift if you'd like to help out for the entire event, or you can do a split shift so you can experience other aspects of the event. We cannot pull this off without the help of all our volunteers!!

Volunteering or donating to this event will get you entries into the end-of-year raffle drawing for (4) Disney Park Hopper passes and other great prizes!!
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Important Note Regarding Parent Pickup!!

This year we have installed a gate in the back entrance of the school (Rt. 28 side) to prevent vehicles from entering the grounds during the school day because we have students outside during recess and PE. Please note that the gate does not open until 3 pm for parent pick up. We have recently been informed that there have been a number of parents coming much earlier than 3 pm from both HBB and MKG and it is resulting in cars backing up on Rt. 28, with cars blocking traffic.

We have been informed by the Middleborough Police Department that cars blocking traffic will be ticketed so please do not arrive for pickup any earlier than 3 pm.

If you have any questions please let us know and thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Paws-itive Office Referrals

Congratulations to all our students who were sent to the office this week for being Burkland's BEST! Great Job!