Equality Finally!

By- Miranda Johnson (1868)

What is the 14th Amendment ?

This Amendment was ratified on July , 9 ,1868. This Amendment granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” which included former slaves recently freed.

How did this make now newly freed slaves feel ?

I interviewed two newly freed slaves how they felt about this Amendment. One slave whose named Ayodele Gael said he feels" This amendment is equal and fair since they snached us from our families in Africa and brought us here, i think it's fair since it wasn't our own choose to be here and it's not like we know our way home". The other newly freed slave i interviewed is named Abi Dada she says " I am really happy this Amendment has been passed because it just makes me so happy to know me and my family and friends are now citizens free citizens".

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How does the South feel about this

The Democratic Party had been, since its founding in 1792 a power base for the slave owning South. After the war these men returned home to a devastated economy and a newly assertive labor force. Even more daunting for Democrats were two amendments to the Constitution that ended slavery and provided African Americans civil rights. Proving equal to the task, the white Democratic South used legal loopholes to eviscerate the power of the so called Civil War amendments until 1964.

Whats next for America ?

America has defiantly been going down the right path so far with passing the 13th and 14th amendment, but whats next ? only time will tell.


Even though North America is heading in the right direction, its still not the end of horrible deeds like the Ku Klux Klan. And just because an Amendment that states Equality is passed does not mean everyone is just going to start loving each other. We still have along way until we can treat,act, and love each other like true equals.