Learning on the Move

Using Social Media for Research & Finding Your Voice

Social Media & Research

Encourage students to use social media to conduct research using Twitter, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Students can post research questions and ask users to contribute resources, engage in a discussion, or answer search questions. Students can brainstorm research questions, and consider which experts to reach out to via social media.

Social Media & Curation

When researching, one task that is often overlooked is how students will curate, or save, resources. There are a variety of social media tools that allow students to not only save their resources, bu also share with their collaborative partners.

Social Media & Voice

Social Media cannot only only students to interact with others to hear their point of view, but they can always develop their own. Facebook, Twitter, and Edmodo can allow students interact with others regarding a topic and as their learning grows they can develop their own voice.