dream catcher

you can now record your dreams and play them back!! Summer

Have you ever woken up with the vague feeling that you had a really bizarre dream, but couldn't remember much about it? Puzzlement be gone! We are now able to record and view or dreams like TiVo in the future.

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we spend about six years of our lives dreaming. Regardless, scientists didn't fully understand what goes on during dreams. So they have conducted various studies to measure brainwaves and how the brain reacts to specific images. Over time, the software could predict and recreate what they thought the test subject was seeing. Now with this special new technology, it's now possible that we can watch our own dreams like a show on TV.

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The problem with this is that dreams could just seem a lot more interesting in that groggy just-woke-up morning state. Watching them after your first cuppa could prove unsuccessful, like the worst edited story ever told. Be the first in your family to have this new product!