Grønland (Greenland)

by Anton Johnston


Almost all the people live in one part of Greenland.
Even the warmest part of Greenland is usually frozen.


Greenland is 836,331 square miles
it's the biggest island in the world


Official language is Greenlandic, most Greenlanders also speak Danish.
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Greenland is in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is actually part of North America

Famous people from Greenland


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85% of people in Greenland are Lutheran. Lutheran church is a Christian church started by Martin Luther, a German priest who lived about 500 years ago.


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Susaat soup

National food of Greenland. Made from Raindeer, whale or Sea-birds.

Fish, mussels, shrimp, Seals & White Whale are all part of their diet.

In Greenland, Jazz is the most popular. Music from the United States, Great Britian is popular. There are a few bands in Greenland. Sumé and Small time Giants are two rock bands from Greenland.
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The most popular art is carvings from the Inuits called tupilaq. They are carved from Whale ivory. In ancient times, these were thought to be magical to destroy your enemies.