Zombie 2012

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Welcome to all of Zombies! I am excited to be getting this started once again. Last year there were many districts around the state that hosted their own Zombie Teacher Projects! This year promises to be even more successful with some exciting new changes. Zombie is partnering with the city of Midlothian this year and our film festival will be part of the Movies in the Park lineup with a concession stand and many extra patrons. This is an opportunity to let MISD shine in the community!

Important Information:

All participants MUST complete the six lesson modules in Project Share in order to receive:

-24 hours of tech credit

-1 comp day

You will receive 6 hours of G/T credit IF you complete the G/T module. (This is optional-you may acquire this credit with a number of other trainings offered this summer.)

10% of your video may be shot prior to June 13th. This is to enable you to utilize students and/or other things needed for various scenes that you would otherwise not have access to on June 13th.

DON'T FORGET COPYRIGHT LAWS! I have posted a number of links on Project Share for Public Domain photos and music. If you use anything that is not Public Domain, you must have written permission to use from the owner of the intellectual property.

Thinking of using some cool new techniques or shots? Practice BEFORE June 13th. Create some mock ups, try some new effects. It's all about learning some new, taking risks. For those returning, as you move through the modules and comment in the discussion forum, please share any lessons learned of what to do and what not to do!

Project Share

Zombie Online

Project Share is the online learning community for the MISD Zombie Teacher Project. Everyone in our district has an account...you just may not know you do! In the coming year, TEA and Region 10 will be uploading a lot of content into Project Share, so we felt it was the perfect opportunity for you to become familiar with this learning management system. This will probably be the first of many forms of professional development you will receive through Project Share...so let's get started!

Go to: projectsharetexas.org and log in. If you don't know or remember your log in information, just click on the link below the log in information and enter your email address. It will send you your information. The email will actually be coming from Epsilen so be looking for it.

Once you are logged in, you are now in your portal (sort of like your home page). The menu on the left provides links to all of the different options available in Project Share. Click on the tab that is labeled LEARNING, then click on COURSES just below. This will open up a new window on the right. Towards the top there are 3 buttons that say: VIEW COURSES SEARCH COURSES CREATE COURSE. Click on SEARCH COURSES and search for Zombie Teacher Project. When the new window opens, there will be a button on the left that says JOIN COURSE. Once you join, you are in!

Again the menu on the left provides all of the links to the options available in this course. All of the lesson modules are located in the LESSONS tab and the discussion questions are located in the the FORUMS tab.

Contact Me

Email: ann_witherspoon@midlothian-isd.net

Twitter: @avwitherspoon

Cell: 214-802-6145

Website: http://thezombieteacherproject.wikispaces.com/