Harlem Renaissance

Renaissance Harlem Style

Background Information

The Harlem Renaissance was between the end of World War One and lasted throughout the 1930's. It of course took place in Harlem, but was mainly explosive culturally and socially to African Americans. It brought fourth black writers, poets, and musicians. African American's could express themselves throughout their poems and music. The goal was to lessen the abuse by the white people and to get their voices heard. The music that was brought up allowed for more communication and social interaction between whites and blacks. Although there was interaction and people coming together, the effect that the Harlem Renaissance was little on the color boundaries within America.


When my dreams are deferred from what I want them to be it of course it is a discouraging feeling, but hardship is apart of your life that is needed. If you don't get turned down sometimes or ever fail at something one can't learn from their mistakes. I personally just try learn how to overcome what stopped me from achieving my goals or dreams, but thats why they are dreams because in life some things you want just isn't going to happen.


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