Saranac High School Counseling News

March 2019

Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling

It is that time of year again! Mrs. Rosenbaum and Mrs. Sproule have met with almost all of the juniors to begin the scheduling process. During each full period meeting, juniors identified career and college interests, went over how to sign up for an SAT and ACT, reviewed their transcript, discussed "summer homework", and chose courses that would be most appropriate. The counselors also reviewed two field trip opportunities (College 101 in March and SUNY North Country Day in April) available to college bound students and strongly encouraged students to choose at least one. Each student was given a folder with all of this information to bring home and we hope that you get a chance to go over this with them! We will begin similar meetings with sophomores beginning next Monday and will share information in these meetings that are appropriate for them, and then we will move onto the freshmen.

Nothing New Under the Sun

We had a very successful parent/guardian presentation on February 11th regarding vaping and drug use/abuse. We are including the presentation in the link below for those that could not attend and for those that attended and were interested in viewing the videos.

College 101 Field Trip for Juniors

On Wednesday, March 20th, juniors will have the opportunity to attend College 101 at Clinton Community College. This field trip will have an admissions panel, a student panel, and a small college fair with two and four year colleges as well as state and private universities. This is a great chance to learn more about the college admissions process from admissions counselors as well as a chance to network with prospective colleges your child might be interested in. Space is limited so first come first serve. Permission slips are due next Wednesday, March 13th.

CAP and AP Payment Due

Please remember that CAP payment is due to Clinton Community College by Friday March 29th and AP Payment is due to Saranac High School Guidance Office by Monday March 25th. Please make checks out to Saranac Central School District for the AP Exams.


We have many scholarships available for our seniors continuing their education next year. Please have your child check the bulletin board outside of the Guidance Office to see what is available. We have scholarships specifically for healthcare fields, education, business, members of the credit union etc. Deadlines for many of these scholarships are fast approaching, so please encourage your child to take advantage of what is available!

Important Dates

  • 3/9/19: SAT (register by February 8th
  • 3/20/19: College 101 Field Trip-juniors
  • 4/13/19: ACT (register by March 8th
  • 5/4/19:SAT (register by April 5th
  • 5/6/19: AP Government Exam
  • 5/8/19 AP English Exam
  • 5/10/19: AP US History Exam
  • 5/14/19: AP Calculus Exam (1/2 DAY)
  • 6/1/19: SAT (register by May 3rd
  • 6/8/19: ACT (register by May 3rd